Scopus guide

Instructions for use of the Scopus database

Use Advanced search

  • if you want to do more diverse searches than you can with Documents, e.g. using different field codes
    • E.g. LOAD-DATE AFT 20190107 produces publications that have been added or processed in Scopus after 7.1.2019.
  • If you want to use a search phrase copied from your Scopus search history
  • If you want to combine searches in your search history
  • f you want publications on a topic: The Subject area definition in the basic search is rough. In the Advanced search, you can get publications in the exact subject area by using the code SUBJTERMS(nnnn).
    • Examples:
      • AF-ID("University of Oulu" 60012954) AND SUBJTERMS(1707) Searches for articles by researchers at the University of Oulu in publications defined for topic 1707 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.
      • TITLE-ABS-KEY ( finnish ) AND SUBJTERMS ( 1203 OR 3310 OR 3315 ) Searches for the word Finnish in publications defined for 1203 Arts and Humanities: Language and Linguistics or 3310 Social Sciences: Linguistics and Language or 3315 Communication.

SScopus example | Advanced search

A link to Advanced document search can be found under the search box.



Copy a search phrase made earlier in Scopus, which can be obtained above the search box or from the search history.

Kuvakaappaus Scopuksesta

Add the specific topics 3204 Developmental and Educational Psychology or 3304 Education to the search phrase.

Kuvakaappaus Scopuksesta