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Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering subject guide: Theses

Things to know

Start using a reference management tool from the beginning of your information retrieval for a seminar paper or a thesis or a research topic. Your references will stay in order and it will be easy to create a bibliography.

Research Methods

Mendeley - Reference management system


Mendeley is a free reference management application. Mendeley can be accessed both through the user interface installed on your computer and via the web.

Mendeley add-ins:

  • Mendeley Cite add-in for Microsoft Word allows you to insert references from your Mendeley library into your Word document, change your citation style and generate a bibliography.
  • Web Importer is an extension for web browsers which helps you to add references to your library with full text PDFs.
  • Mendeley Reference Manager is an interface that you can install on your computer to organize references and documents. The Reference Manager is similar in appearance and functionality to the Library page of the browser version of Menedeley.

You can find information about the functionality of the add-ins with different operating systems, browsers and word processing programs on the page What browsers and operating systems are supported for Mendeley products?

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Guides for Electronic theses

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Master's theses and licenciate theses

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