Open access publishing and self-archiving

Self-archiving at the University of Oulu

Submission of publication information and self-archiving
With the same form you also submit publication information to Oulun yliopisto tutkii database (SoleCris).


University of Oulu Open Access Publishing Policy.


An article published in a scientific journal (publisher's version or so-called final draft version) is also published in an open access repository, thus making it freely available online to all.

  • A final draft is the peer-reviewed, final version of a manuscript that the author submits to the publisher (also accepted version).
  • About 80 % of publishers approve of the self-archiving of articles in the organisation's own digital repository.

Funders' policy definitions

The most important research funders in Finland require (European CommissionAcademy of FinlandTekes) open access publishing in the projects they fund. Check the latest policy from the webpage of the funding body.

Instructions for ERC (under H2020) funded projects.

Plan S - Academy of Finland supports the objectives of Plan S and will work together with other relevant actors to advance them.

Why is it beneficial to deposit your work to the University of Oulu repository?

  • Improves the visibility of research - articles in the university's institutional repository have excellent findability with search engines
  • Improves the availability of research publications - the publication is openly available to anyone (no login required)
  • The publication gets a permanent address and its long-term preservation is guaranteed
  • Some publishers permit self-archiving onto university servers, but not in a commercial service (e.g. ResearchGate)
  • Raises the profiles of the researcher, department and whole university
  • Creates new kind of interdisciplinary awareness

Self-archiving an article in the University of Oulu's institutional repository does not impact the ownership of the copyright. The copyright is not transferred to the repository but remains with the author and/or the original publisher.


Why social networking sites (e.g. ResearchGate and are not open access repositories.

Publishers' and journals' self-archiving policies

You can view theself-archiving policies of journals and publishers in the services below. If you cannot find the required information, it is advisable to visit the journal's or publisher's website or contact them.

Permissions required for parallel publishing

Co-authors of an article

It is advisable that the authors agree on self-archiving their article in the open access repository of the University of Oulu already at the writing stage.

Material under copyright of a third party

An article may also include material that is under copyright of a third party, for example as illustrations and graphics. The author must obtain permission to publish such material online.

Permission from the journal and/or publisher who have published the article earlier

Oulu University Library will check the self-archiving permissions given by journals and publishers and record the articles in accordance with the permit conditions to Jultika repository.