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The departmental publication series and ISBN identifiers: University of Oulu Study Materials Series

University of Oulu Study Materials Series

Oulun yliopiston oppimateriaalia | University of Oulu study materials redesigned in spring 2023

The series University of Oulu study materials established by the Publications Committee of the University of Oulu promotes the publishing of the university’s study materials. The aim of the newly redesigned series is to improve both the external appearance and quality of the content of the study materials. The series improves the authors’ opportunities to distinguish themselves as producers of study material. All publications in the series are published electronically. If they wish, authors may also have their publication printed at their own expense.

The new pre-filled document template of the series takes into account accessibility requirements. Accessibility aims to ensure that all users have equal, independent and easy access to online services (Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019). Authors must ensure that their publications comply with accessibility requirements. See for example Checklist for accessible written communication.

We also recommend that authors upload their publications to the open access Library of Open Educational Resources and license the publications under Creative Commons licenses CC BY or CC SA.

The series publishes publications in seven fields of science, as well publications by the university administration. The series shares its editorial staff with the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. The series editors are members of the Publications Committee of the University of Oulu. Revisions or additions to the instructions are processed by the editorial staff of the series. The editor-in-chief of the series is Santeri Palviainen.


Series editors and fields of science

Natural sciences, series editor Mahmoud Filali (Faculty of Science) 
Humanities, series editor Santeri Palviainen (Faculty of Humanities)
Technology, series editor Antti Kaijalainen (Faculty of Technology)
Medicine, series editor Pirjo Kaakinen (Faculty of Medicine)
Educational sciences, series editor Henri Pettersson (Faculty of Education and Psychology)
Administration, series editor Mari Katvala (Administration)
Economic sciences, series editor Marko Korhonen (Oulu Business School)
Architecture, series editor Anu Soikkeli (Faculty of Technology)

Publications in the series