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The departmental publication series and ISBN identifiers: University of Oulu Study Materials Series

University of Oulu Study Materials Series

The Publications Committee of the University of Oulu has established the publication series University of Oulu Study Materials / Didascalica Universitatis Ouluensis to promote the publication of study material produced at the university. It is hoped that the series will help improve both the external appearance and the quality of the content of the university’s study material. Departments and individual teachers will also have a better chance of gaining merit by getting their work published in the series.

The series is divided into six subseries by faculty and it also includes subseries for the Open University and Central University Administration. The editorial staff is the same as for the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. The editor-in-chief of the series is Santeri Palviainen and the sub-editor is Kirsti Nurkkala.

The members of the editorial staff are A Mahmoud Filali (LuTK), B Santeri Palviainen (HuTK), C Antti Kaijalainen (TTK), D Pirjo Kaakinen (LTK), E Henri Pettersson (KTK), F Mari Katvala (Hallinto), G Marko Korhonen (TaTK), H Anu Soikkeli (ARK).

The publications in the series are study materials written to support the teaching provided by the University of Oulu. The texts can be published either in Finnish or in another language.

The series University of Oulu Study Materials Series publishes the print version of the book, only the online version or both of them.