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The departmental publication series and ISBN identifiers: Guidelines for publishing in Study Materials Series

Guidelines for publishing in Study Materials Series

1. Cover and title page

Publications in the series have a uniform cover design. The sub-editor adds the information submitted by the author to the cover and assigns an issue number to the publication. The size of the publications is B5.

The cover should include the title of the publication, author or editor, faculty, place and year of publication, title of the series, subseries code and issue number. The author’s name, subseries code and issue number will be printed on the spine.

The following information appears on the title page: series title in Finnish and in English, issue number, title of the publication, author(s) or editor(s), name of the department and name and location of the publisher.

The following information will be printed on the reverse side of the title page: title of the original work if the publication is a translation; translator’s name; edition (if not first edition); ISBN and ISSN; printing house, place and year of printing.

The sub-editor assigns an ISBN to each publication in the series. An ISSN has also been assigned to the series. The ISBN and ISSN will be printed both on the reverse side of the title page and on the back cover of the publication.


2. Table of contents and preface

After the title page come the table of contents, preface or introduction and a glossary of abbreviations. The preface explains the main content and aim of the publication. Although the preface is included in the table of contents, page numbering starts only from the first main chapter.


3. Body text, page numbering and headings

The column size for body text is 19.5 cm (height) x 12.5 cm (width). The recommended font size is 11 pt. Put page numbers in the top margin, at the centre of the column. Page numbering starts from the title page, but page numbers appear only from the first page of body text onwards. Empty pages on the reverse side of front matter pages are also taken into account in the page numbering.

Paragraphs start at the left margin without indentation and they are separated by a blank line.

Headings are numbered by heading level: main heading 14 pt. capital letters; 1st level subheading 14 pt. normal (bold); 2nd level 12 pt. italics (bold) and 3rd level 12 pt. italics (norm.).


4. Tables and figures

The appearance of tables and figures should follow the established practice of each discipline. The author is responsible for acquiring the necessary copyright permissions for the material used in the publication.


5. Printing and sale of the publications
The publications are mostly printed at PunaMusta. If the author wishes to have the publication printed elsewhere, the sub-editor of the series must be consulted.


6. Print run and distribution

In determining the size of the print run the so-called obligatory distribution points must be borne in mind (in total 9 copies):

  • 6 legal deposit copies to the National Library of Finland (delivered by the printing house)
  • 1 ISBN check copy to the sub-editor (delivered by the porters)
  • 1 copy to the subseries editor (delivered by the porters)
  • 1 copy to the library (delivered by the author)

    E-mail: acta.toimitus(at)

Short instructions for authors

1. Familiarize yourself with the instructions for authors already at the manuscript stage.2. 

2. Submit to the sub-editor of the series:

  • the formatted and revised manuscript
  • the completed and signed publishing agreement form
  • the information required for the cover and the title page.

3. Contact the printing house and agree a preliminary printing schedule.


The sub-editor sends the material to the series editor. After this:

1. Contact the series editor for feedback.

2. Make possible corrections and submit the finalized manuscript as a file to the printing house.

3. Review the draft of the cover sent by the sub-editor.

4. Check the proof sheet of the publication sent by the printing house.


E-mail: acta.toimitus(at)