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The departmental publication series and ISBN identifiers: Distribution/compensation for dissertation outside the Acta series

Distribution and compensation to doctoral candidates who publish their dissertation outside the Acta series

A dissertation can be published:

Authors publishing their dissertation at their own expense must obtain an ISBN for the dissertation from the National Library of Finland . The author of a dissertation must also bear in mind the guidelines on how to announce a dissertation issued by University Communications.

Distribution of dissertations published outside the Acta series

Doctoral candidates who publish their dissertation outside the Acta series distribute copies of the dissertation according to the following list:

  1. University of Oulu internal mail address OYK/väitöskirjat (or to Pegasus Library ground floor service desk) 4 copies
  2. University Communications 2 copy
  3. doctoral candidate’s own department 2 copies
  4. doctoral candidate’s faculty 2 copies (to notice board and to the doctoral training committee)

In addition to this the printing house sends 6 legal deposit copies directly to the National Library of Finland.

Compensation of dissertations published outside the Acta series

For doctoral dissertations published outside the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis the University of Oulu underwrites the printing costs of the so-called obligatory free distribution copies (16 copies) and 15 copies for the author’s use (in total 31 copies). The compensation is based on the average price of publications in the Acta series, 5,50 € / publication (incl. VAT 24%). The maximum compensation is 170,50 €.

The compensation is paid upon submission by the doctoral candidate of the invoice and receipt of the printing expenses. The free-form compensation claim application must include the following details: the doctoral candidate's name, identity number, street address, postcode, post office, e-mail address and international bank account number (IBAN). If the compensation is paid to an account abroad, the name of the bank, the number and address of the branch and the bank's SWIFT/BIC code must be included. The original printing invoice and receipt must also be attached to the application. The application, together with all the attachments, is sent by e-mail to acta.toimitus(at)