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Communications and information engineering, electronics and Information Processing Science subject guide: Theses

Things to know

Start using a reference management tool from the beginning of your information retrieval for a seminar paper or a thesis or a research topic. Your references will stay in order and it will be easy to create a bibliography.

Guides for Electronic theses

Electronic theses at the University of Oulu


Information about Master's thesis work

Reference Management


RefWorks enables you to
- create your personal database
- share references 
- create a bibliography
- create in-text-citations  

RefWorks Guide

Freely available software: Mendeley, BibTeX, Zotero

Research Methods

More sources


The most recent master's theses

The most recent master's theses (tech) of the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

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The most recent bachelor's theses

The most recent bachelor's theses of the electrical engineering

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Theses and dissertations of the department

Electronic dissertations and theses from other universities of Finland

University of Tampere

Tampere University of Technology