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Chemistry, process- and environmental engineering, mining engineering and mineral processing: Articles/Databases

Work at home or on campus

You can access the e-resources via links in Subject guides or Oula-Finna.

On campuses, you can access e-materials by logging in to the university's online workstations or to the wireless Eduroam network with your Uni of Oulu username. Outside of campuses, you can access the university network using the VPN service or remote desktop.

E-materials can also be used from outside the university network as a remote user. Access via Oula-Finna or -pages.

Accessing a journal article


Try searching for journal articles with the following useful tools:


Finding search terms

Use the tools listed below to find terminology related to your subject area. More about finding search terms in  Finding scientific information

ChatGPT, Copilot, and similar AI tools can help you find good keywords for your search. Please note, however, that they do not replace the need to familiarise oneself with the terminology used by researchers and experts in the field, see AI tools in information searching: GenAI – ChatGPT, Copilot

Key reference databases

More useful databases in Oula-Finna database list

Portals and websites

Scientific search engines

Reference Management

Store your references with a reference manager. You can use the reference manager to:

Reference management software enables you to:

  • Create your personal reference database
  • Share references 
  • Create a bibliography
  • Create in-text-citations
  • Format citations and bibliography according to different citation styles

Reference management applications

Citation Alerts

Making a citation alert means that you will be automatically kept up-to-date when a certain article or a particular researcher has been cited.