Approval of persons

The approver either approves or rejects the supervisors and reviewers of the thesis. If the approver approves a person for his/her role, the approved person and the inviter will be notified by email. If a person is rejected, the inviter is notified by email and the rejected person is automatically removed from the thesis information in Laturi. NOTE! Supervisor in bachelor`s thesis is automatically the reviewer and approver of the thesis.

Aprroval of the thesis

The thesis can be approved once the reviewers have completed their evaluation. The approver can approve the thesis by selecting the thesis and opening the approval form. 

If the evaluations and grades given by the reviewers differ from one another, the approver of the thesis decides the final evaluation of the thesis and gives a statement on the approval form.

The approval form contains the following information:

  • Grade, 
  • Remarks to the student 
  • Remarks for internal use 
  • Remarks for the study register extract 
  • Date of approval 

After the approver has completed the form, he/she must verify that the information on it is correct and approve the thesis. The student, main supervisor and other supervisors will be notified of the approval by email. The approval will be recorded into the study register and the thesis is submitted for publication in the University of Oulu publication repository Jultika.

If the thesis is rejected, the student’s thesis process is terminated immediately. The action cannot be undone. The student will be notified by email that his/her thesis has been rejected and that he/she should contact the main reviewer of the thesis.

Viewing the evaluation of an approved thesis (pdf)