Opening, saving and printing the evaluation of an approved thesis

Once the thesis has been approved, its status in Laturi will be "Archived". To view the archived theses, log in to Laturi ( and select in the main menu either "Bachelor`s theses" or "Master`s theses". On the page that opens, select "Show archived".

To find your own thesis, write in the search field either your name or the title of the thesis.

When the main page of your thesis opens, go to section "Review". Click either the link to the evaluation form of the faculty or the PDF icon next to it. Both will open the evaluation form, where you will be able to view the evaluation given to the thesis. Open the PDF file to easily save or print out the evaluation.

N.B. If a separate PDF file has been attached to the evaluation form (e.g. the verbal evaluation of the thesis has been uploaded to Laturi as a PDF file and it has not been written out on the evaluation form in the system), it is shown at the end of the "Review" section under "Attachment". You can open, save or print out this PDF file. You can also find the separate PDF file on the evaluation form, if you open it via the link to evaluation form of the faculty. 

Depending on the faculty and degree programme, information related to the evaluation may also be displayed on the main page of your thesis, in the section "Approval and evaluation". The final grade of the thesis and the approver`s possible verbal evaluation or remarks to the student are usually shown here. 

N.B. In some faculties and degree programmes the reviewers`s statement is the sole and final statement for the master`s thesis, in which case the section "Approval and evaluation" may remain empty or show only the final grade given to the thesis. 

Viewing the evaluation of an approved thesis (pdf)