Persons involved in the thesis process

Inviting a main supervisor and possible other supervisors:

After starting the thesis process you must invite a main supervisor for your thesis. NOTE! There is no main supervisor in bachelor`s thesis. A thesis can have only one main supervisor. You can invite a main supervisor with the ”Invite main supervisor” button. This will open a page where you can search and select a person from the faculty members of the University of Oulu to whom the invitation is sent. After you have selected a person and sent the invitation, the selected person will receive the invitation in her work email. 

The person invited to be the main supervisor may, after logging into the system, accept or reject your invitation. If the person accepts the invitation, both you and the approver of your thesis will be notified of this by email. If the person rejects the invitation, you will be notified by email and you must invite a new main supervisor for your thesis. 

A thesis may have other supervisors in addition to the main supervisor. You can invite more supervisors for your thesis with the ”Invite supervisor” button, in the same way as with the main supervisor. The main supervisor cannot also act as a supervisor. 


Reviewers and approvers:

As a student you invite a main supervisor and possible other supervisors for your thesis. The reviewers in the thesis process are invited by the main supervisor. Each degree program has designated approver(s) who will automatically be linked to the thesis process. NOTE! Supervisor in bachelor`s thesis is automatically the reviewer and approver of the thesis.

FAQ - Persons involved in the thesis process

The main supervisor of my thesis has changed. How can I add a new main supervisor for my thesis?

Please, contact Laturi helpdesk.