Inviting reviewers

The main supervisor is responsible for inviting a reviewer for the thesis. The main supervisor and supervisor can act as thesis reviewers if they are added as reviewers. NOTE! Supervisor in bachelor`s thesis is automatically the reviewer and approver of the thesis. To invite a reviewer for a thesis, click the ”invite reviewer” button. On the page that opens you can search for and select a person from the teaching staff of the University of Oulu whom you wish to invite. When the user has selected a person and sent the invitation, the invited person receives a notification to her work email. The invited reviewer`s name appears in the thesis information in Laturi. 

Instructions for reviewer

When the supervisor has approved the finalised thesis for evaluation, the reviewer can evaluate it. First the reviewer carefully reads the thesis and its possible Turnitin report. To start the review, select a degree programme specific evaluation form and fill in the form when it opens. Before submitting the evaluation the reviewer should confirm that the information on the form is correct.

If the thesis is a pair work, the reviewer may, if she wishes, evaluate the thesis for one of the authors and copy the evaluation as it is for the other author. Instructions for copying the evaluation can be found on the right side of the page.

Another reviewer can join an earlier evaluation given to the thesis by opening it. Another reviewer can join an evaluation that is in a read-only state. Before joining, the reviewer checks the contents of the  form. When a reviewer has joined an evaluation, her name will appear in the evaluation information. 

The forms will be locked when the thesis is approved or when an approval has been requested for it. After this the forms can no longer be edited/filled in.

NOTE! Reviewers suggest a grade for the thesis. The final grade is determined when the thesis is approved. If you find that you have made mistake for the evaluation, you can ask the approver to send the work back for evaluation. 

Laturi quick guide for reviewers and joining another reviewer`s evaluation (pdf)

Copying an evaluation to another student in linked pair works (pdf)

Viewing the evaluation of an approved thesis (pdf)