Finalised thesis

On the finalised thesis page you can submit your thesis for review, approval and publishing.

Information for the study register extract:

Study module code of master’s or diploma thesis.

Publication information:

Title of the thesis in Finnish and English. If you have wrote your thesis in Finnish, enter the title of your thesis in Finnish and English in the appropriate text fields. If you hve wrote your thesis in English. enter the title of your thesis in English in both text fields. If your thesis has a title in another language, add it with Add a title -button.

Co-authors of the thesis. If you have written your thesis as a pair or group work, enter the co-authors’ names in this field. Students submitting a thesis written as pair work should observe the following:

  • Each student must submit the thesis into Laturi themselves.
  • The theses submitted into the system must be identical (same file).
  • The abstracts submitted into the system must be identical. 
  • The answers to questions regarding the online availability and plagiarism detection must be identical

Abstract in the language of publication. Copy the finalised abstract text from your thesis and paste it into the text field. Check the text carefully, paying special attention to hyphenation and line breaks. Note that text formatting, such as italics and boldface, is not visible in Laturi. If your thesis has an abstract in another language, you can enter it to the other text field with the ‘Add an abstract in another language’ button. If you don`t have abstract in your thesis, write No abstract into the text field.

Select the language of the thesis from the menu.

Submit finalised thesis. Ensure that your thesis fulfills the accessibility requirements. Convert the finalised thesis into long term preservation PDF/A format with Muuntaja. After the conversion, carefully review the thesis. Now you can submit the PDF/A file into Laturi. Please note that since you can submit only one file into Laturi, it is important to confirm that this file contains the whole of your thesis. Ensure that you submit into Laturi the latest version of your thesis, which has been approved by your supervisor and will no longer be changed. The maximum allowed file size is 100M.

Publishing agreement

Publishing of the thesis:

First select the online availability of your thesis.

If you wish that your thesis will be publicly available for browsing, printing and downloading online, your approved thesis will be published in the OuluREPO repository. Your thesis will get a permanent urn that can be easily shared and easily referenced (e.g. in a CV).

If you do not wish that your thesis is made publicly on available online, only its metadata (including author, title, date of publication, subject and unit/faculty information) will be recorded in OuluREPO repository, without the full text of the thesis. The full text will be available for reading on dedicated OuluREPO workstations in the libraries.

Thesis copyright:

The author owns the copyright to the thesis. The author is solely responsible for the content of the thesis and her rights to it. The author guarantees that she has the required permissions to use the images, tables or other material included in the thesis. The author takes responsibility for any third-party claims. Master’s theses must not contain information that is classified as confidential in the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999).

Thesis licensing:

Choose which rights you will grant to the readers of your thesis. The University of Oulu’s declaration on responsible research recommends that all theses are published open access with a CC-BY 4.0 license, meaning that they can be copied, distributed, presented and modified freely, also for commercial purposes. The name of the author must always be properly mentioned, and the name, photo or logo of the author cannot be changed. CC-BY is the most common license for open access publishing and it is extremely effective in reaching a lot of readers or the wider public. Material published with a CC-BY license can for example be used in teaching, as long as the author is mentioned.

All rights reserved. Private use of the thesis is allowed.

CC BY 4.0 (Attribution 4.0 International). Information about the license appears on the cover page of the thesis (how to apply a CC license to your work) . You permit others to copy, disseminate, distribute and present a work that is copyrighted to you and modified versions of it only if they mention you as the original author. Please note that the licenses for the material included in the thesis must be at least as extensive, i.e. out-licensing is possible only to the extent that the obtained right of use permits.

Consent to plagiarism detection:

Choose whether you want to grant permission to upload your thesis to the Turnitin plagiarism detection system. Click the Turnitin EULA link to open the Turnitin agreement in a new tab. Read the agreement, close the tab and select a choice. 

I consent that my thesis work is saved in the Turnitin Similarity database, which is situated in the EU area. My thesis will be compared against other documents in the database, electronic scientific publications, reference works and the data content of open internet. The University of Oulu has the right to move my thesis into another database if the plagiarism detection system is changed.

I do not give consent for my thesis to be saved in the Turnitin Similarity plagiarism detection system database.

University of Oulu responsibilities:

The University of Oulu ensures that the thesis is recorded in library catalogues and offers access to it according to the wishes of the author. The University of Oulu will publish a notice regarding the use of copyrighted material on the website that provides access to the thesis. The University of Oulu has the right to archive the thesis in a manner it deems appropriate and it also has the right to save the thesis in another format to ensure its long-term accessibility, if necessary.

The University of Oulu does not compensate the author for the use of the thesis. The University of Oulu and the author do not charge the public a fee or compensation for the online use of the thesis.

I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to them. Lastly confirm that you have read the above terms and conditions and agree to them.

Preview and submission of the thesis

Go to the preview page. Check that all the information that you have entered is correct. If you wish to make any changes, click the “Edit” button to return to the previous page.

When all the information is correct, click the ”Confirm” button. Please note that your thesis has now been entered into the system, and you can no longer make any changes to it.

After confirmation you will be taken back to the ”View finalised” page.

Now Laturi checks the PDF/A format of your thesis. If there are any problems with your PDF/A file, you will be notified of this by email, together with instructions on how to create a PDF/A file and solve problems that may arise.

After this the thesis is submitted into the Turnitin system if you have selected this option. You can read the Turnitin report for your thesis when it has been completed.

After the supervisor has approved your thesis, it is submitted for review and approval. 

FAQ - Finalised thesis

How I can convert my accessible document to required PDF/A format?

First make the original Word document accessible. Use Muuntaja ( for PDF/A conversion so that all the structures included in your document will remain. In this way a visually impaired person can utilise to read the document using a screen reader.

There are many different versions of PDF/A format. Which one should I choose, so that Laturi will accept my thesis?

Laturi requires that theses conform to the PDF/A-1b format. This means that files in PDF/A-1a format are also accepted, as its requirements are even more extensive. Laturi will not accept files in any versions of the PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 formats.

I am using Mac. I fed my thesis through Muuntaja but Laturi still tells me that it's not in the required PDF/A format. What went wrong?

A document fed through Muuntaja should be saved directly (Click the file and select Save/Save as/Save File) without opening it first on your own computer. You can open the document for review, but you should not save this version.

I noticed an error in my thesis after submitting it into Laturi. What do I do?

You can request that the finalised thesis is returned for editing, if it has not yet been accepted for approval. Open the Show finalised thesis section and click the Request permission to edit button. Your thesis supervisor grants the permission to edit.