Instructions for the supervisor

The main supervisor and possible other supervisors for the thesis are nominated in Laturi. The student is responsible for inviting the main supervisor. The main supervisor or the student can invite other supervisors, if needed. NOTE! There is no main supervisot in bachelor`s thesis. Normally the supervision of a thesis has already been provisionally agreed upon (e.g. students have been divided into supervision groups, a student has requested supervision or a supervisor has been otherwise nominated). The use of Laturi requires that the invited supervisor is a member of the teaching staff at the University of Oulu. 

If a thesis requires a supervisor who is not employed by the university of Oulu or who does not have access rights to Laturi, the supervisor is invited by the main supervisor. Pictorial instructions to inviting an external supervisor can be found on the right side of the page.

The main supervisor receives the invitation by email. The name of the invited supervisor appears in the section Persons involved in the thesis process, and the status is “Awaiting acceptance”. The main supervisor logs into Laturi and accepts/rejects the invitation with the appropriate buttons. The persons involved in the thesis process are notified of the acceptance/rejection by email. Lastly, the person nominated as the approver of the thesis must accept or reject the supervisor of the thesis. 


The supervisor’s process in brief:

  1. Accepts/rejects the invitation to be a supervisor sent by the student
  2. Combines joint theses
  3. Agrees with the student on inviting other necessary supervisors
  4. Invites a possible external supervisor for the thesis (see instructions on the right side of the page)
  5. Can invite a reviewer for the thesis (see page ”For the reviewer”)
  6. Approves the student’s research plan. If necessary, the supervisor can return the research plan to the student for editing before approving it. 
  7. Approves the reaching of checkpoints (optional)
  8. Approves the finalised thesis for evaluation. If necessary, the supervisor can return the finalised thesis to the student for editing before its approval. 
  9. Evaluates the thesis according to the degree programme specific evaluation form (only applies to supervisors who also act as reviewers)

Combining joint theses

If the thesis is marked as a joint thesis, the supervisor combines theses together. Select thesis and press Add student to thesis -button. Find the thesis to be attached with the search engine, select the thesis and save the form. Once the theses are linked together, the supervisor can move from view to view between theses. If necessary, you can delete the connection between the theses.

In joint thesis, each student must submit their thesis to Laturi. Theses must be independently reviewed and approved in Laturi.

Research plan

The student must return her research plan to Laturi. The supervisors can comment on the plan in the Comment field and return the plan to the student for editing, if necessary. The main supervisor approves/rejects the research plan. After the research plan has been approved, the student can continue the thesis process in Laturi.

The thesis supervisor must ensure that students are aware in advance that the thesis is a public document. The supervisor must also ensure, with regard to the research plan and other supervision, that the choice of thesis subject and material is not in conflict with the publicity principle.

According to the University of Oulu’s declaration on responsible research theses and dissertations as well as other publications published by the University are published open access in electronic form and they are licensed under a CC-BY license when possible. The student gives a separate permission for this. As a part of student supervision it is advisable to familiarise the student with the principles of open science and encourage open access publishing of the thesis.


It is possible to set two checkpoints for the thesis process in Laturi. Their use is optional. The main supervisor and the student agree between themselves what criteria are used to determine when the checkpoints have been reached (e.g. 1/3 of the work has been completed - 2/3 of the work has been completed).

The main supervisor is responsible for approving the completion of checkpoints in Laturi. To add a checkpoint, press the ”Approve” button and fill in the following information to the form that opens: 

  • Chekcpoint date 
  • Remarks (optional) 

Between checkpoints thesis supervision is provided according to the supervision plan, as agreed upon with the student, for example in contact meetings, by email or remotely. 

Finalised thesis

The supervisor gives the student permission to submit the finalised thesis into Laturi. If the finalised thesis needs further revision, the supervisor can return it to the student for editing. The student can also request permission to edit the finalised thesis. The permission to revise the thesis is granted by the main supervisor/supervisor. Editing the thesis is possible as long as it has not yet been approved for evaluation.

Joining together pair works in Laturi (pdf)

Adding an external supervisor to Laturi (pdf)

Viewing the evaluation of an approved thesis (pdf)

Starting a new thesis process on behalf of the student

The student usually starts the thesis process in the Laturi, but if necessary the supervisor has the opportunity to start the process on behalf of the student.

  • Go to Bachelor`s thesis view and press Start Bachelor`s thesis button.  
  • Use the search engine to find the student
  • Complete and verify the information on the form.
  • Save the form

An e-mail notification is sent to the student about the thesis process started for him/her. The initiator of the process is automatically added as the supervisor of the thesis.

NOTE! Student can have only one thesis process in Laturi. If you need to start a new thesis process in Laturi, please contact Laturi helpdesk.