Electronic theses at the University of Oulu

In Laturi system it is possible to administer the whole thesis process, i.e. supervision, plagiarism detection, evaluation and approval, as well as electronic publishing. The system enables communication between supervisors and students, and the setting of intermediate goals, which the supervisor(s) and the student can agree upon between themselves.

  • Use of Laturi ensures that the approval processes are consistent and that the reviewers and approvers are using the same file, which is also published and archived.
  • All theses are available in electronic form; theses will no longer be printed and their accessibility improves.
  • Long-term storage of theses is guaranteed (PDF/A file format)


NB! Use of Laturi requires a University of Oulu O365 account! All messages created by the system are sent to O365 addresses.

Laturi support and implementation

  • The technical environment is designed and implemented by ICT Services.
  • Academic Affairs are responsible for the thesis process.
  • The Library is responsible for the publishing of the finalised thesis in the OuluREPO repository.

Contact information and guidance


Helpdesk for publishing: (thesis copyrights, pdf/a-conversion, OuluREPO):