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Publisher's Guide – Information about publishing: Announcing publication information


Publication score


Receiving a publication score requires that

  • the publication is publicly  available to anyone (no self-published articles),
  • the publishing channel has an editorial staff or publisher independent from the author that makes decisions about the publications to be published through the publishing channel,
  • the publication has not been previously published in a form to be reported in data collection,
  • the author is connected with Oulu UAS, and
  • the publication is based on the research or expert work that the author has performed at Oulu UAS.

Coefficient for open publications 1,2

Publication types A-E.


Publications are classified in data collection according to their form (publication type) and content (discipline).

Publication types

A Peer-evaluated scientific articles (to be published in parallel)
B Non peer-evaluated scientific contributions
C Scientific books
D Publications intended for a professional community
E Publications intended for the general public
F Public activities related to arts and industrial art
G Theses (by the personnel, not students)
H Patents and invention disclosure notifications
I Audiovisual materials and information and communication technology programs

Entering publication information to Justus

Entering publication information to Justus

Oamk personnel must enter his/her publication information to Justus - Publication Information Reporting Service as soon as possible and by the end of the February of the year following the publishing year at the latest. When publication information is entered into JUSTUS-service it can be accessed through JUULI-portal and Publication data is also automatically transferred to the publication data collection by the Ministry of Education and Culture and taken into consideration in the funding formula of higher education institutions.


Publication types 2020 (in Finnish only)

Publication data collection instructions  for researchers 2019  (in Finnish only)

Fields of science 2020  (in Finnish only)




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If there are two or more authors from Oamk, does everyone enter the publication information to Justus?

No. Only one of the authors enters the information. 

If the same publication is published in the internet and in the paper, do I enter the publication information to Justus twice? 

No. You enter the information only once.

If there is authors from more than one university of applied sciences, does everyone enter the information to Justus? 

Yes. One author from each university enters the information to Justus. Only then the publication transfers to the publication data collection by the Ministry of Education and Culture and is taken into consideration in the funding formula of each institution.

Can I enter the information of my blogpost to Justus?  

Yes, if the blog has a editorial board (more than one person). The information of the editorial board, name of the author and publication date must be visible in the website.