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Publisher's Guide – Information about publishing: Contact

Contact us

Photo of Sirpa Ahvenlampi.

Ahvenlampi Sirpa,
Publications Coordinator

Oamk Journal: Publications coordinator and secretary of the editorial board, 
Open publishing

tel. +358 50 563 6552

Photo of Satu Koho.

Koho Satu,
Senior Lecturer

​Oamk Journal: editor-in-chief, President of the editorial board  

tel. +358 40 141 5678

Photo of Riitta Kokko.

Kokko Riitta,
Information Specialist

Publication information collection, parallel publishing

​tel. +358 50 317 4635

Photo of Juha-Pekka Pihlajakoski.

Pihlajakoski Juha-Pekka,  Head of Information Production, Publication information collection

tel. +358 50 408 8146 

Photo of Tiina Tolonen.

Tolonen Tiina,  Information Specialist

Theseus, Open Science and research

tel. +358 141 5068

Graphic design: 

Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs



If you have any questions about publishing you can contact or contact the specialists directly