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Publisher's Guide – Information about publishing: Publishing

Publishing at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

These pages contain information about publishing, such as selecting the right publishing channel, Oulu UAS' web publishing series ePooki, announcing publication information, parallel publishing, and open science and research.

Why publish?

  • ​Publishing is a good way to present the author's competence and expertise.  
  • Publications are a merit to their authors.
  • Publishing is proof of high-quality teaching and research, development and innovation activities. 
  • Publishing supports Oulu UAS' marketing, image building and communications.
  • Two per cent of the basic funding allocated by the Ministry of Education and Culture comes from publications (including artistic activities, audiovisual materials, and information and communication technology programs).

Publishing in projects

It is important that project results are disseminated in public. This increases knowledge about Oulu UAS' competence and RDI activities. Every project must produce at least one publication that complies with the publication type classification of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Publishing in projects should already be taken to consideration in the application phase so that the necessary resources can be set aside for it.

Where can resources be obtained?

The personnel are encouraged to participate in publishing by including writing resources in the agenda of teachers interested in writing.  The need for resources, i.e. the estimated number of hours, and the implement are assessed in the agenda semi-annually. The agenda determines the subject that the teacher intends to write about and where he/she intends to publish. Writing resources are directed to publications complying with the data collection manual prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture for universities of applied sciences.


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RD Publishing Board

The RD Publishing Board promotes publishing among the personnel and is responsible for the policy, guidelines and development of ePooki, the research and development publication series. Members of the research and development publishing board (2019–2021) are:

Jussila Aino-Liisa, chairman,  Radiography and radiation therapy

Ahvenlampi Sirpa, secretary

Haapala Anne-Maria
Communication Services

Koistinen Minna

Kokko Riitta

Kuula Kai
Construction Engineering

Palokangas Teemu
Media and Performing Arts

Pousi Juha
Vocational Teacher Education

Virkkula Outi
Agricultural and Rural Industries

Vuorela Taina

Publishing support services

Ahvenlampi Sirpa,
Publication Co-ordinator

Secretary of RD publishing board, secretary of ePooki, Open science and research

tel. +358 50 563 6552

Jussila Aino-Liisa,
Senior lecturer

​President of RD publishing board, editor of ePooki  

tel. +358 40 141 5678

Kokko Riitta,
Information specialist

Publication register, self-archiving

​tel. +358 50 317 4635

Tolonen Tiina,  Information specialist

Open science and research

tel. +358 40 141 5068 tiina.tolonen(at)


Communication, marketing and regional relations

The graphic design of the publications