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Welcome to the publisher's guide of Oamk

In this guide you will find information about publishing, such as selecting the right publishing channel, Oamk's publication series Oamk Journal, entering publication information to JUSTUS and parallel publishing for example in Theseus. You can also find information about open publishing in this guide.

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Why publish?

  • Publishing is a good way to present the author's competence and expertise.  
  • Publications are a merit to their authors.
  • Publishing is proof of high-quality teaching and research, development and innovation activities. 
  • Publishing supports Oamk' marketing, image building and communications.
  • Two per cent of the basic funding allocated by the Ministry of Education and Culture comes from publications (including public artistic and design activities, audiovisual material and ICT software). Coefficient for open publications is 1,2. 

Publishing in projects

It is important that project results are open to public. This increases knowledge about the competence and RDI-activities in Oamk.

Every project must produce at least one publication that complies with the publication type classification of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Publishing in projects should already be taken to consideration in the application phase so that the necessary resources can be set aside for it.

Where can I get resources?

The personnel are encouraged to publish by including writing resources in the agenda of teachers interested in writing. The need for resources, i.e. the estimated number of hours, and the implement are assessed in the agenda semi-annually. The agenda determines the subject that the teacher intends to write about and where he/she intends to publish. Writing resources are directed to publications complying with the data collection manual prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture for universities of applied sciences.


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