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Publisher's Guide – Information about publishing: Parallel publishing

Parallel publishing

Parallel publishing means that the publications are stored in the open archive where they can be found by anyone. In Oamk the publications are stored in Theseus. 

Permits for parallel publishing

Request permission for parallel publishing from other authors. Verbal permission is sufficient. Request permission for the web publishing of pictures, maps and other copyrighted materials (prepared by somebody else than the author.

Send the article's final draft file (post print/Accepted Author Manuscript, AAM), i.e. the final corrected, peer-evaluated version, to the library when entering publication information to JUSTUS.

The library checks and/or acquires the publisher permission and enters the publication in Theseus.

What is published in parallel?

Publications prepared by the personnel have been published in parallel in the Theseus publication archive since 1 January 2016. The parallel publishing obligation primarily concerns articles published in scientific periodicals, professional magazines, serial publications and conference publications or other compilations. Articles published earlier should preferably also be published in parallel in Theseus. In addition, it is recommended that also other publications, such as popularised articles, other published contributions and, where permitted under publishing contracts, monographies and teaching materials are published in Theseus.

Personels publications in parallel publications in Theseus


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