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Publisher's Guide – Information about publishing: Oamk Journal

Oamk Journal

Oamk Journal is a Oamks' own publication series. Its policy is outlined by the editorial board. The tasks of the editorial board are to promote the publishing of Oamk's personnel and to raise topics dealing with the results of RDI activities, learning and the development of teaching that are of interest to the target groups of Oamk. 

Photo about papers in the table with post-it notes.

The publications in Oamk Journal are all open access

Publishing in Oamk Journal

The aim of Oamk Journal is to make the results of RDI activities, learning and the development of teaching open access to the public. Publications should be of high quality and socially usable. Publications appear in the web one at a time.

The authors in Oamk Journal are Oulu UAS experts and partners. 

Oamk Journal editorial board

The members of the Oamk Journal editorial board (2021–2022):

Photo of Aino-Liisa Jussila.

Jussila Aino-Liisa 
School of Health and Social Care

Photo of Minna Kamula.

Kamula Minna

School of Information Technology

Photo of Satu Koho.

Koho Satu, pj

School of Media and Performing Arts

Photo of Vesa Pitsinki.

Pitsinki Vesa

School of Engineering and Natural Resources

Photo of Juha Pousi.

Pousi Juha

School of Professional Teacher Education

Photo of Sirpa Puolakka.

Puolakka Sirpa

School of Business

Photo of Anne-Maria Haapala.

Haapala Anne-Maria

Photo of Sirpa Ahvenlampi.

Ahvenlampi Sirpa

University of Oulu, Publication Services

Photo of Riitta Kokko.

Kokko Riitta

University of Oulu, Publication Services




Photo of Satu Koho.


Koho Satu

Oamk Journal 

tel. 040 541 9954


Photo of Sirpa Ahvenlampi.

Ahvenlampi Sirpa

Oamk Journal
Publishing Coordinator
tel. 050 563 6552



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