Finding scientific information: Books and book articles

Books and book articles

Authored book (monograph): written by an individual or a group of individuals

Edited book: chapters (sections, articles) usually written by different authors; expressed with Toimitettu (toim.), Edited (ed.), Herausgegeben (hrsg.), Redigerad (red.).

Book may also appear as a part of a publication series, e.g. Kalevalaseuran vuosikirjaPuheen ja kielen tutkimuksen yhdistyksen julkaisujaDiscourse approaches to politics, society and culture.

Finding books

You should begin looking for books in Oula-Finna. The Holdings display will give you the basic information on the publication, with its location and status. Call Number link shows the location of a call number on a library map. Books that are out on loan (charged) can be put on hold for you. For items that are not on loan you can place requests.

E-Book links provide access to electronic books. You can find more information about e-books in the E-books guide.

Log in with your University of Oulu user ID for off-campus access to the electronic resources.       

Oulu University Library customers themselves can request books from the National Repository Library, which is located in Kuopio. Book loans are free of charge. 

You may also try the nationwide The content included in any organisation-specific site is usually limited to the material of the organisation in question. The interlibrary loan service searches and orders publications for loan and photocopies of publications.

Books can also be borrowed from public libraries e.g. Outi Libraries.

You can ask the library to acquire books by placing a request using the University Library's electronic acquisition form.

Evaluating books

Books can be evaluated by author background information and the level of prestigiousness of the publisher. Generally books published by university presses are considered more prestigious than those published by commercial presses. Other ways of evaluating books are through book reviews.

The Finnish Publication Forum is based on quality classification of scientific publications. The rating takes place in field specific expert panels. The rating of the domestic and international scientific publications has three levels: 1 = basic; 2 = leading; 3 = highest level. The classification of the book publisher is used to rate books in cases where the publication does not come out in a series of publication,s e.g. Kalevalaseuran vuosikirjaPuheen ja kielen tutkimuksen yhdistyksen julkaisujaDiscourse approaches to politics, society and culture, or such series has not been classified.

Book reviews give insight into what other scientists think of the book. They may be brief summaries or long scholarly evaluations and are often published in journals of the same field as the book being reviewed. In databases book reviews can be searched by the book title and refining the search with Book Review or Review as the document type.