Finding scientific information: 6. Research data management

Data repositories

Research data do not always have to be collected from the scratch. Information on shared and reusable datasets can be found in several research data  services. More information in Research Data Guide

Citing research data

Researchdata is cited on the same principle as other sources of information. Here is a bibliography entry according to the APA 6th citation style (Taipale, 2020):

Taipale, T. (2020). Youth council members' views on climate change 2019 [data set].

Need help with data management?

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What is research data management?

The research data justifies the results of the research. During the  research the data must be collected, stored and organized carefully and in a controlled manner so that it can be returned to if necessary. Descriptive information (metadata) about research data, its use and storage is also important. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that, for example, the security of the research data, copyright and protection of any personal data are properly ensured as long as the data is stored.

Research data management plan

Research data management is part of good scientific practice, and a research data management plan must be drawn up in connection with the research plan. A data management plan will ultimately save time and reduce the risk of data loss. A proper data management plan tells you that you are planned, value your research material, and act ethically.

Responsible research and research data

By opening and sharing your research data where possible, you will facilitate its possible re-use and ensure its preservation and accessibility even after the end of your own research project. More information on conducting responsible research at the University of Oulu.

Research carried out with public funds and its outputs are covered by the so-called The FAIR principle, according to which research data must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Watch the video below and think about how the principle is implemented there in the research data under discussion.

Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts. NYU Health Sciences Library / Karen Hanson, Alisa Surkis and Karen Yacobucci undefined

Examples of research data 

  • Numerical or text data
  • Documents
  • Samples, artefacts, digital objects
  • Statistical data files
  • Laboratory notebooks, field notebooks, diaries
  • Search histories
  • Sotfware
  • Models, algorithms
  • Audiotapes, video files, photographs
  • Database contents
  • Methodologies and workflows
  • Questionnaires