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Hakusanat | Search terms: Tutkimus

Tutkimusmenetelmät, tiedonhaku

"systematic review" OR "literature review" OR "meta-analysis"

Search terms for Systematic Reviews

Search terms for Qualitative Studies

"discourse analysis" OR "discourse studies"

(informati* OR internet OR database OR web* OR online OR google) AND (seek* OR search* OR find* OR retriev* OR query* OR queri*)

"information retrieval" OR "internet searching" OR "database searching" OR "information seeking" OR "search engine" OR "search strategies"

"information literacy" OR "information literate"

Search terms for Information Retrieval

Yritysyhteistyö, R&D

"research to business" OR "research and development" OR r&d OR "research and technological development"

(academ* OR universit* OR research OR scientific* OR science OR innovation* OR invention* OR patent*) AND (business OR industr* OR commercial* OR marketable OR practitioner*)

Kansalaistoiminta, kansalaistiede


(citizen OR civic OR community OR local OR public OR social OR volunteer) AND (engag* OR involve* OR participat* OR volunt*)

"Citizen* Participation" OR "Citizen* E-Participation" OR "citizen* engagement" OR "citizen* involvement" OR "Civic Engagement" OR "civic involvement" OR "Civic Participation" OR "Community Engagement" OR "community involvement" OR "Community Participation" OR "local engagement" OR "Local Participation" OR "Participatory Approach" OR "Public Engagement" OR "Public Involvement" OR "Public Participation" OR "social engagement" OR "Social Participation" OR "volunteer involvement" OR "Volunteer Participation" OR volunteer-led OR community-based OR community-generated OR user-engagement

brainstorm* OR hackathon* OR crowdsourc* OR solutionism OR workshop

"citizen science" OR "citizen scientist*" OR "participatory science"