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Saame, alkuperäiskansat

sami OR saami OR sapmi

indigen* OR aboriginal* OR "First Nations" OR "native people" OR "first inhabitants" OR "original people" OR "ethnic group"

Lääketieteen historia

(medi* OR lääk* OR saira* OR tartuntatau* OR taudi* OR tauti* OR terve* OR psyki* OR mielen* OR mielisaira* OR hullu*) AND historia


"History Of Medicine" OR "medical history" OR "history of nursing"

histor* OR century OR ancient OR "early modern" OR pre-modern OR premodern

medic* OR health* OR physician* OR doctor OR nurse OR nursing OR patient OR disease OR illness OR epidemi* OR pandemi* OR infectio* OR hospital* OR therapeut* OR diagnosis OR surgery

Lunatic* OR Imbecile* OR Idiot* OR Insan* OR mad* OR psycholog* OR mental* OR psychiatr* OR psychotherap* OR Schizophreni* OR Psychosis OR Bipolar OR depression

anatomy OR brain etc.

diabetes OR tuberculosis OR infection OR tumor OR cancer etc.

welfare OR health* OR nutrition OR obesity OR sanitation OR mortal* OR death


(knowledge OR truth OR science OR scienti* OR intellect*) AND (philosoph* OR epistem* OR metaphysic* OR ontolog* OR logic*) AND (histor*)

Kirjallisuus, kerronta

kerron* OR narra* OR tarin* OR kertom*

literature OR fiction OR prose OR novel OR "short story"

biograph* OR "legacy writing"

autobio* OR memoir* OR "personal narrat*" OR "personal memories" OR diary OR letter

story OR narrat* OR tale OR storyworld

transmedia* OR intramedia* OR intermedia* OR intertext* OR transfiction*

Genret, lajit


"science fiction" OR sci-fi OR scifi OR tieteis* OR cyberpunk* OR fantasia*

"children* literature" OR "children* book*" OR "children* novel*" OR picturebook OR "picture book"

"adolescent literature" OR "young adult literature"

"science fiction*" OR sci-fi OR scifi OR cyberpunk OR fantasy OR "speculative fiction"

audiobook* OR "audio book*" OR "talking book*"

audio-visual* OR audiovisual* OR televisio* OR tv OR video* OR film OR movie OR cinema* OR "motion pictures" OR "dramatic arts"

"television series" OR "television show" OR "television drama" OR "television program" OR "television programme" OR "tv show" OR "tv series" OR "tv drama" OR "tv program" OR "tv programme" OR "television comedies" OR "television soap operas"