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Saame, alkuperäiskansat

sami OR saami OR sapmi

indigen* OR aboriginal* OR "First Nation*" OR "native people*" OR "first inhabitant*" OR "original people*" OR "ethnic group*"

Monikulttuurisuus, vähemmistöt

monikulttuuri* OR kulttuurienväli* OR kulttuuriero* OR kulttuurikosketu* OR maahanmuut* OR ulkomaalai* OR pakolai* OR siirtolai*

multicultur* OR intercultur* OR cross-cultur* OR immigra* OR migration OR multiethnic* OR ethnic* OR "cultural* plurali*" OR "cultural* differen*" OR "cultural* diversi*" OR "cultural* aware*" OR "cultural* influen*" OR "cultural identit*" OR "minority group*"

lesbian* OR gay OR homosex* OR same-sex* OR same-gender OR intersex* OR bisex* OR nonbinary OR non-binary OR genderqueer OR transgender* OR transsex* OR queer OR lgb* OR GLBT OR "sexual minorit*" OR "sexual orientation*" OR "sexual identit*" OR "Sexual Behavi*" OR "gender identit*" OR "Gender Minorit*"

intersectional* OR discriminat* OR inequit* OR prejudic*

Lääketieteen historia

(medi* OR lääk* OR saira* OR tartuntatau* OR taudi* OR tauti* OR terve* OR psyki* OR mielen* OR mielisaira* OR hullu*) AND historia


"History Of Medicine" OR "medical history" OR "history of nursing"

histor* OR century OR ancient OR "early modern" OR pre-modern OR premodern

medic* OR health* OR physician* OR doctor OR nurse OR nursing OR patient OR disease OR illness OR epidemi* OR pandemi* OR infectio* OR hospital* OR therapeut* OR diagnosis OR surgery

Lunatic* OR Imbecile* OR Idiot* OR Insan* OR mad* OR psycholog* OR mental* OR psychiatr* OR psychotherap* OR Schizophreni* OR Psychosis OR Bipolar OR depression

anatomy OR brain etc.

diabetes OR tuberculosis OR infection OR tumor OR cancer etc.

welfare OR health* OR nutrition OR obesity OR sanitation OR mortal* OR death


(knowledge OR truth OR science OR scienti* OR intellect*) AND (philosoph* OR epistem* OR metaphysic* OR ontolog* OR logic*) AND (histor*)

Kirjallisuus, kerronta

kerron* OR narra* OR tarin* OR kertom*

literature OR fiction OR prose OR novel OR "short story"

biograph* OR "legacy writing"

autobio* OR memoir* OR "personal narrat*" OR "personal memories" OR diary OR letter

story OR narrat* OR tale OR storyworld

transmedia* OR intramedia* OR intermedia* OR intertext* OR transfiction*

Genret, lajit


"science fiction" OR sci-fi OR scifi OR tieteis* OR cyberpunk* OR fantasia*

"children* literature" OR "children* book*" OR "children* novel*" OR picturebook* OR "picture book*"

"adolescent* literature" OR "young adult* literature"

"science fiction*" OR sci-fi OR scifi OR cyberpunk OR fantasy OR "speculative fiction"

audiobook* OR "audio book*" OR "talking book*"

audio-visual* OR audiovisual* OR televisio* OR tv OR video* OR film OR movie OR cinema* OR "motion pictures" OR "dramatic arts"

"television serie*" OR "television show*" OR "television drama*" OR "television program*" OR "tv show*" OR "tv serie*" OR "tv drama*" OR "tv program*" OR "television comed*" OR "television soap opera*"