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game* OR gamif* OR gaming OR videogam* OR wargam* OR ludolog* OR ludonarrat* OR ludoficti* OR ludolitera* OR ludomusic*

exergam* OR edugam* OR advergam* OR propagame

microgame OR minigame OR "mini game"

multiplatform* OR multi-platform* OR "mixed media"

ludifi* OR playfull*

"mechanic* dynamic* aesthetic*" OR "mda framework" OR "mda model*" OR "mda theory"

"6-11 framework"

Video Gaming

"game industry" OR "games industry" OR "gaming industry" OR "game companies" OR "videogame industry" OR "videogame companies" OR "game publishers" OR "game produc*" OR "game creat*" OR "game studio" OR "game build*" OR "game develop*" OR "game design*"

"game designer" OR "game developer" OR "game makers" OR "game producers"
Video game development: roles (Wikipedia)

Maker culture

fablab* OR "fab lab*" OR "maker education" OR "maker movement" OR "Maker culture" OR "Maker spaces" OR makerspace* OR "maker-centered learning" OR diy OR "do it yourself"

"three dimensional print*" OR "3d print" OR "3-D print*" OR 3D-design* OR "3d model*" OR "Additive Manufacturing"

"laser cutt*"

"Digital Manufacturing" OR "digital fabrication" OR modelling OR prototyping

Sähkötekniikka, elektroniikka


"electric* car" OR e-car OR "electric* vehicle" OR e-vehicle* OR "electric* automobile*" OR "electric* automotive*" OR "electric* mobility" OR e-mobility OR "electric* transport*" OR "electric road transport"

"hybrid car" OR "hybrid vehicle" OR "hybrid electric vehicle"

battery OR batteries OR "energy storag*" OR "electric* storag*" OR capacitor* OR supercapacitor* OR ultracapacitor*

"electric road"

electronic* OR computer OR phone OR laptop OR tablet OR "Digital Device"

ICT, digitalisaatio

"information system" OR ict OR "communication technology" OR "information technology" OR "digital technology"

"digital* transform*" OR "digital* develop*" OR "digital transition" OR digitali* OR digiti* OR dataficat*

Etä-sanoja: distance, online jne.

"fourth industrial revolution" OR "4th industrial revolution" OR "industry 4.0" OR "industrial revolution 4.0" OR "industrial internet of things" OR "industrial iot" OR "industrial iots" OR i2ot OR iiot

iot OR "internet of things" OR "internet of robotic things" OR "internet of medical things" OR iomt OR "internet of vehicles" OR iov

"artificial intelligence" OR ai OR "machine learning" OR "machine intelligence" OR "active learning" OR "deep learning" OR "neural networks" OR "learning algorithms" OR "reinforcement learning" OR "supervised learning" OR "unsupervised learning"

"big data" OR "large data set" OR "large datasets" OR "data mining" OR "text mining"