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ikäkau* OR elämänkaar* OR ikäryhm*

vastasyntynyt OR vauva OR taapero OR imeväisikä

lapsi OR lapsuus OR varhaislapsuus OR leikki-ikä OR esikouluikä OR kouluikä OR uhmaikä OR tyttö OR poika OR alaikä*

nuori OR nuoruus OR teini* OR varhaisnuor* OR murrosikä OR puberteetti* OR alaikä* OR yläkouluikä OR lukioikä

aikui* OR työikä OR keski-ikä OR täysi-ikä

vanhu* OR eläkeikä OR eläkeläinen OR ikäänty* OR ikäihmi* OR iäkkä OR senior*

"stages of life" OR "life stages" OR lifespan OR "age group*" OR "different ages"

age OR aging OR ageing OR senescence OR gerontology

premature OR preterm OR "low birth weight" OR "low birthweight"

baby OR newborn OR "newly born" OR neonat* OR infant OR infancy OR toddler* OR "early childhood" OR "early years" OR "early age" OR "play age" OR "small child*" OR "young child*" OR "preschool child*" OR pre-school-age* OR "preschool years" OR "pre-school years" OR pediatric*

child* OR boy OR girl OR preadolescen* OR pre-adolescen* OR preteen* OR pre-teen* OR prepubert* OR pre-pubert* OR "school child*" OR "schoolchild*" OR school-age* OR "school years" OR grade-schooler OR pediatric*

adolescen* OR teen* OR pubert* OR young* OR youth OR juvenile OR immature OR minors OR pediatric*

"late adolescen*" OR "young* adult*" OR "early adult* OR "emerg* adult*" OR "20 years old"

adult* OR "grown up" OR "30 years old" OR mature OR man OR men OR woman OR women OR "working aged" OR "working age"

"middle aged" OR "middle age" OR midlife OR "mid life" OR "middle adult*" OR "40 years old" OR "50 years old" OR "working aged" OR "working age"

"old age" OR "old aged" OR elder OR elderly OR senior OR "old people" OR "older people" OR "old person" OR "older person" OR geriatric* OR retiree OR retired OR pensioned OR "old adult" OR "older adult*" OR "later life" OR "60 years" OR "aged 60" OR "over 60" OR "70 years" OR "aged 70" OR "over 70" OR "75 years" OR "aged 75" OR "over 75" OR "80 years" OR "aged 80" OR "over 80"

"very elderly" OR "very old age" OR "Oldest Old" OR Octogenarian* OR Nonagenarian* OR Centenarian* OR longevity OR long-lived OR "long lives"

Etä | Hybridi | Lähi

etä* OR verkko* OR tietokoneavustei* OR netti*

hybridi* OR monimuoto* OR monipaikka*


distan* OR online OR mobile OR virtual* OR remote* OR video OR web* OR ict OR internet OR digital* OR electronic* OR Zoom OR chat OR email OR e-mail OR telephone OR phone OR smartphone OR cellphone OR app OR application OR technolog* OR "text messag*" OR chat* OR whatsapp*

myös: tele-, e-, m-, web-


hybrid OR blended OR flipped

synchronous OR simultaneous OR real-time OR realtime

face-to-face OR in-person OR on-site OR onsite

offline OR physical OR traditional OR "brick and mortar"