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Hakusanat | Search terms: Terveys

Hyvinvointi, terveys, sairaus

hyvinvointi OR terveys

mielenterveys OR "psyykkinen hyvinvointi"~2 OR "henkinen hyvinvointi"~2 OR "psyykkinen terveys"~2 OR elämäntaito OR elämänhallinta OR "henkinen kasvu"~2 OR "hyvä elämä"~2 OR mielenrauha OR stressinhallinta OR itseapu OR itsekasvatus


wellbeing OR "well being" OR welfare OR wellness OR "quality of life" OR "life quality" OR "good life" OR "life satisfaction" OR "satisfaction with life" OR "meaning in life" OR "mental health" OR flourishing OR euthymia

unhealth* OR sick OR sickness OR ill OR illness

psykoo* OR ”psyykkisesti sairaat” OR ”psykiatriset potilaat” OR mielenterveyshäiriö* OR mielenterveysongelm* OR delirium*

psycho* OR “psychiatric patient*” OR ”mentally ill” OR “mental illness” OR “mental disorder*” OR “mental health problems” OR “mental health patients” OR deliri*

”aivojen verenkiertohäiriöt” OR "aivoverenkiertohäiriö*" OR aivohalvau* OR ”aivojen infarkti” OR aivoinfarkti* OR aivoiske* OR tia-kohtau*

“cerebrovascular disorders” OR stroke* OR “brain infarction” OR "brain infarct" OR “brain ischemia” OR “transient ischemic attack”

Elintavat, ruoka

elintap* OR elintav* OR elämäntap* OR elämäntav*

ravinto* OR ravinno* OR ravitsemu* OR ruoka* OR dieet*
aamiainen OR lounas OR päivällinen OR välipala
kouluruoka OR koululounas

ylipaino* OR lihav* OR liikalihav* OR keskivartalolihav* OR painonnousu*

laihdut* OR painonpudot* OR painonalen* OR painonhallin* OR paasto*

lifestyle OR "life style"

diet* OR food OR beverage OR eating OR nutriti* OR appetite OR malnutriti* OR drinking

meals OR breakfast OR lunch OR snacks OR dinner OR supper

"food intake" OR "caloric intake" OR "calorie intake" OR "dietary intake" OR "fat intake" OR "protein intake" OR "energy intake"

obesity OR obese OR overweight OR overnutrition OR "body mass" OR "body weight" OR "weight gain" OR "body fat"

"weight reduction" OR "weight loss" OR "caloric restriction" OR "diet restriction" OR fasting OR "appetite regulation" OR "diet modification"

Aktiivisuus, lepo

liikunta OR arkiliik* OR hyötyliik* OR kalorinkulut* OR "fyysinen aktiivisuus"

"Movement behavior" OR "Movement behaviour"

"active lifestyle" OR "active life style" OR "active living" OR "physical* activit*"

gardening OR housework OR "household work*" OR "household activit*" OR "domestic work*" OR "domestic activit*" OR "domestic task*" OR "everyday activit*" OR "mundane activit*" OR "mundane task*" OR "shovel* snow" OR "snow shovel*"

exercise OR "physical* activit*" OR "Physical Condition*" OR "physical training" OR "physical strength" OR "physical exertion" OR "Physical Endurance" OR "Physical Performance" OR "physical function*" OR "muscle strength*" OR "muscular strength*" OR workout OR gym OR gymnast* OR walking OR running OR jogging OR bicycling OR biking OR fitness OR sport OR athlet* OR "physical education" OR "Movement Education" OR "Physical literacy" OR "physical competence" OR "physical* health*"


sedentar* OR inactiv* OR sitting OR lying

sleep* OR rest OR resting OR relax*

recreation* OR leisure

circadian OR "sleep wake"

"sleep wake cycle" OR "sleep wake rhythm" OR "sleep wake clock" OR "circadian rhythm" OR "circadian clock" OR "circadian cycle"

Lääketieteen historia

medi* OR lääk* OR saira* OR terve* OR psyki* OR mielen*


"History Of Medicine" OR "medical history"

histor* OR century OR ancient OR "early modern" OR pre-modern OR premodern

medic* OR health* OR psycholog* OR mental* OR psychiatr* OR physician* OR doctor OR nurse OR nursing OR patient OR disease OR illness OR epidemi* OR infectio* OR hospital* OR therapeut* OR diagnosis OR surgery

anatomy OR brain etc.

diabetes OR tuberculosis OR infection OR tumor OR cancer etc.

welfare OR health* OR nutrition OR obesity OR sanitation OR mortal* OR death


“substance use” OR “substance abuse” OR dependence OR addiction OR “drug use” OR “drug abuse” OR “drug addiction”

alcoholism OR alcoholic OR “alcohol dependence” OR “alcohol abuse” OR “alcohol addiction”

tobacco OR smoking OR nicotine OR cigarettes OR e-cigarettes OR “electronic cigarettes” OR “vapor cigarettes” OR vapes OR vaping OR juul OR juuling OR “electronic nicotine delivery device”

rehabilitation OR therapy OR treatment OR intervention OR “replacement therapy” OR “substitution treatment”



"own check" OR "in-house control" OR self-supervision

Hoitotyön välineet

neulattomat yhdistäjät

(neulat* OR ”split septum” OR negatiivi* OR neutraali* OR positiivi* OR ”anti reflux” OR ”zero reflux” OR mekaani*) AND (yhdist* OR liit* OR venttiili* OR takaiskuventtiili*)

“needleless connector” OR “needlefree connector” OR “needle-free connector” OR “needle free connector” OR “needle-free device” OR “needle free device” OR “needlefree device” OR “needlefree catheter” OR “needle-free catheter” OR “needle free catheter” OR “needleless valve” OR “needle-free valve” OR “needle free valve” OR “needle-free valve” OR “split septum” OR “negative pressure valve” OR “negative pressure relief valve” OR “negative pressure connector” OR “negative pressure relief connector valve” OR “neutral pressure valve” OR “neutral pressure connector” OR “positive pressure valve” OR “positive pressure relief valve” OR “positive pressure connector valve” OR “positive pressure relief connector valve” OR “anti-reflux valve” OR “anti reflux valve” OR “zero reflux connector” OR “mechanical valve”


“venous catheter” OR “central catheter” OR “intravenous catheter”

“kehonulkoinen veren hapeuttaminen” OR ”kehonulkoinen veren happeuttaminen” OR ”kehon ulkoinen veren hapeuttaminen” OR ”kehon ulkoinen veren happeuttaminen” OR ”kehonulkoinen happeuttaminen” OR ”kehonulkoinen hapeuttaminen” OR ”kehon ulkoinen hapeuttaminen” OR ”kehon ulkoinen happeuttaminen”

”extracorporeal membrane oxygenation” OR “extracorporeal life support” OR “extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation”

Silmien terveys ja sairaudet

myopia* OR likitaitto* OR likinäkö*

myopia OR nearsighted* OR near-sighted*


health* OR medic* OR clinic* OR doctor* OR physician* OR nurse* OR nursing OR hospital* OR patient* OR diagnos* OR treatment* OR care OR caring OR cure OR therap* OR rehabilit* OR counseling OR counselling OR intervention OR consultation OR pharmac* OR prescription OR patholog* OR pathofysiolog* OR physiopatholog* OR monitoring OR sensing OR control

"health personnel" OR "health care personnel" OR "health professionals" OR doctor* OR physician* OR nurse* OR "nursing staff" OR "medical staff"

m-health OR mhealth OR telehealth* OR telemedic* OR telepractice OR teleintervention OR telecare OR teletherap* OR telerehab* OR telenurs* OR telemonitoring OR e-health* OR ehealth* OR e-medicine OR e-counseling OR helpline

telecardiolog* OR teleoncolog* [etc]

Lisää etä-sanoja

"telephone triage" OR "telephone care assessment"

"outcome assessment" OR "treatment effectiveness" OR "treatment outcome"

palliatiivi* OR saattohoi* OR terminaalihoi* OR kuoleva OR oireenmukainen OR ”oireita lievittävä”

palliative OR hospice OR terminal OR end-of-life OR “end of life” OR dying


“patient information system*” OR “patient record system*” OR “electronic health record*” OR “medical information system*” OR “clinical information system*” OR “health information system*” OR “patient information management system*”


”nature-based therapy” OR “nature assisted therapy” OR “nature-assisted therapy” OR “nature therapy” OR “outdoor therapy” OR “outdoor intervention*” OR “nature intervention*” OR “forest bathing” OR “forest therapy”

Suu, hygienia

suu OR hampaat OR ikenet

terveys OR hygienia OR hoito OR pesu

karie* OR hammaskarie* OR hammasmä*

oral OR dental* OR denti* OR paradent* OR mouth* OR tooth* OR teeth* OR periodont* OR parodont* OR endodont* OR orthodont* OR prosthodont* OR pulpa* OR gum OR gingiv* OR enamel OR caries OR carious OR root-canal OR plaque OR calculus OR calculi OR halitosis

dentist* OR "dental surgeon" OR "dental assistant*" OR "dental nurs*" OR "dental hygienist*" OR "dental technician*" OR denturist* OR "dental team*" OR "dental auxiliar*" OR "dental profession*" OR "dental care profession*" OR "dental health* work*" OR "dental practitioner" OR "oral health* work*" OR "oral health* profession*"

"tooth pain" OR "dental pain"

"dental fear" OR "dental anxiety" OR "dental phobia" OR "dental phobic"

anesthe* OR anaesthe* OR sedati* OR tranquil*

incisor OR molar

saliva* OR tongue

edentulous OR toothless* OR "tooth loss" OR denture OR implant* OR prosthe* OR prosthodont*

hygiene OR care OR health* OR wash* OR clean* OR brush* OR toothbrush* OR toothpaste OR toothpick* OR rinse OR rinsing OR mouthrins* OR mouthwash* OR gargling OR floss* OR fluoride OR xylitol OR "chewing gum" OR dentifric*

caries OR "dental decay"

Etä | Hybridi | Lähi

etä* OR verkko* OR tietokoneavustei* OR netti*

hybridi* OR monimuoto* OR monipaikka*

lähi* OR luokkaopet*

distan* OR online OR mobile OR virtual* OR remote* OR video OR web* OR ict OR internet OR digital* OR electronic* OR Zoom OR chat OR email OR e-mail OR telephone OR phone OR smartphone OR cellphone OR app OR application OR "information technology" OR "communication technology" OR "text messag*"

myös: tele-, e-, m-, web-

mooc OR xmooc

"home schooling" OR homeschool* OR "schooling from home"


"recorded lectures"

pre-class OR after-class

hybrid OR blended OR flipped

synchronous OR simultaneous OR real-time OR realtime

face-to-face OR in-person OR on-site OR onsite

in-class OR on-campus OR "traditional class*" OR "conventional class*" OR "physical classroom"

"physical attendance" OR "classroom attendance"

offline OR physical OR traditional

Läheisyysoperaattoriesimerkki: etähoito

Läheisyysoperaattorit ovat tietokantakohtaisia. Luvulla ilmaistaan kuinka monta sanaa hakusanojen väliin voi enintään jäädä.

(etä-yhdyssanat) OR ((etä-sanat) [läheisyysoperaattori] (hoito-sanat))

(m-health* OR mhealth* OR telehealth* OR telemedic...) OR ((distan* OR online OR mobile... ) W/5 (therap* OR treatment* OR rehabilit* OR intervention...))


"emergency medical services" OR “medical emergency services” OR "emergency medical technicians" OR “emergency care” OR “emergency treatment” OR “emergency medical treatment” OR “emergency medicine” OR “emergency service” OR “prehospital care” OR “pre-hospital care”

"emergency medical technicians" OR “emergency nursing” OR nurse-paramedics OR “nurse paramedics” OR “paramedical personnel” OR “rescue personnel” OR “emergency responders” OR “first responders”

paramedic OR ambulance OR prehospital OR pre-hospital OR out-of-hospital OR “out of hospital” OR outpatient

ambulance OR (emergency N2 (vehicle* OR car)) OR “transportation of patients” OR transport* OR convey* OR non-transport* OR nontransport* OR non-convey* OR nonconvey*

Kehitys, taidot

motoriset taidot

"motor skills" OR "motor development" OR "motor activity" OR "motor functions" OR "motor learning" 


pitkävaikuttei* OR hitaasti OR hidas* OR depot* OR “lai-lääkkeet”

“sustained release” OR ”long acting” OR ”delayed action” OR “prolonged action” OR depot*

lääkkeetön* OR lääkkeettöm*

non-pharmacologic* OR nonpharmacologic* OR nondrug OR non-drug OR drugless OR drug-free

annosjakelu* OR annostelujärjestelm* OR lääkkeenannostelujärjestelm*

"drug delivery systems" OR "hospital medication systems" OR “electronic medication management systems” OR “automated dispensing cabinets” OR “barcode medication administration”

Raskaus, synnytys


“first labor stage” OR “first labour stage” OR “first stage of labor” OR “first stage of labour” OR “cervical dilatation*” OR “latent phase”


labor OR labour OR birth OR childbirth OR delivery OR parturition OR intrapartum 


“delivery rooms” OR “birthing rooms” OR “birthing centers”

Synnytyksen rentoutusmenetelmät/kivunlievitysmenetelmät

rento* OR mindfulness OR audioanalgesia* OR kuuloanalgesia* OR hyräil* OR psykoprofylak* OR hypno* OR visualisoi* OR hengit*

relax* OR mindfulness OR audioanalgesia OR “audio analgesia” OR humming OR psychoprophylaxis OR hypno* OR visualization OR breathing OR “progressive muscle relaxation”