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Hakusanat | Search terms: Psykologia

Mentaaliset prosessit, persoonallisuus

psykologia OR psyykkinen OR psyyke OR henkinen OR kognitio OR älyllinen

persoonallisuus OR temperamentti OR luonne OR tunne-elämä OR käyttäytyminen

ajattelu OR assosiaatio OR intuitio OR itsereflektio OR kyseenalaistaminen OR käsitteenmuodostus OR metakognitio OR muisti OR oppiminen OR reflektio OR toiminnanohjaus OR ymmärtäminen

motivaatio OR motivointi OR tahto

mental* OR psycholog* OR psychiatr* OR cerebral* OR intellectual* OR cogniti* OR conscious* OR psychic* OR brain

personality OR persona OR ego OR temperement OR character OR individual OR identity OR behavior OR behaviour OR conscience

attention OR knowledge OR memory OR judgment OR evaluation OR reasoning OR "problem solving" OR "decision making" OR comprehension OR "production of language" OR Awareness OR Consciousness OR Imagination OR Dreams OR Fantasy OR Intuition OR Metacognition

Anticipation OR Cognition OR "Executive Function" OR "Higher Nervous Activity" OR Intention OR Learning OR Mentalization OR "Mind-Body Relations" OR metaphysical* OR Mindfulness OR Perception OR Procrastination OR "Spatial Navigation" OR "Theory of Mind" OR Thinking OR Volition

"childhood memor*" OR "autobiograph* memor*" OR "earl* memor*" OR "earl* recollect*" OR "first memor*" OR "first recollect*"

motivat* OR engage* OR attention OR goal* OR involve* OR participat* OR alertness


sosioemotionaali* OR tunnetai* OR tunneäly* OR tunnekasvat*

[sosio] AND [tunne]
sosio* OR sosiaali*
tunne* OR tunte* OR emootio* OR emotio*

socioemotio* OR socio-emotio* OR social-emotio* OR "social emotional" OR "emotional intelligen*" OR "emotional literacy"

psychosocial* OR "social psycholog*" OR prosocial*

emotion* OR feeling* OR mood OR affection

positiv* OR optimism* OR optimist* OR happiness OR pleasure

anxiety OR displeasure

humor* OR humour* OR playfull* OR fun OR laugh* OR joy* OR joke* OR joking


ihmissuh* OR (sosiaalis* suhte*) OR (sosiaali* verkosto*) OR vertaissuh* OR läheiset OR ystävät

perhe* OR äiti OR isä OR sisarukset OR omaiset OR sukulaiset



"social relation*" OR "social network*" OR "public relation*" OR interpersonal* OR "social aspect*"

contact OR network OR engagement OR involvement OR participation

Sosiaalipsykologia, kiusaaminen

kiusaaminen OR väkivalta OR häirintä OR syrjintä
epäasiallinen kohtelu

koulukiusaaminen OR koulupelko

yksinäi* OR vetäyty* OR ujo* OR syrjäyty*


bully* OR name-calling OR aggressi* OR violen* OR cyberbully* OR harassment OR hazing OR teasing OR threatening OR antagonizing OR hitting OR victimizing OR victimization OR conflict OR perpetrat* OR intimidat* OR misbehav* OR anger

ostracism OR "social isolation" OR "social exclusion"

lonely OR loneliness OR aloneness OR shy* OR timid* OR solitude OR solitary OR withdraw* OR privacy OR introver* OR isolation OR distancing OR exclusion OR insecure OR avoidan*

"antisocial problems" OR "behavior problems" OR "antisocial behavior" OR "aggressive behavior" OR "emotional abuse" OR "physical abuse"

"student behavior" OR "peer relationship" OR "school safety" OR "school violence"


itseohjautuv* OR "itsensä johtaminen"~2 OR "itsenäinen työskentely"~2 OR itsearviointi OR itsehallinta OR itsereflektio OR itsetuntemus OR itseopiskelu OR itseapu OR itsekasvatus

minäpystyv* OR itseluottamus OR itsetunto OR minäkuva OR identiteetti

self-determination OR self-determined OR self-efficacy OR self-advocacy OR self-management OR self-regulation OR self-regulated OR self-governing OR self-control OR self-monitoring OR self-report OR self-actualization OR self-expansion OR self-motivation OR self-motivated OR "intrinsic motivation" OR empowerment OR autonom* OR independen*

self-esteem OR self-confidence OR self-concept OR self-perception OR self-knowledge OR introspection OR self-forgiveness

self-deception OR self-blame OR self-stigma



mielenterveys OR "psyykkinen hyvinvointi"~2 OR "henkinen hyvinvointi"~2 OR "psyykkinen terveys"~2 OR elämäntaito OR elämänhallinta OR "henkinen kasvu"~2 OR "hyvä elämä"~2 OR mielenrauha OR stressinhallinta OR itseapu OR itsekasvatus

wellbeing OR "well being" OR welfare OR wellness OR "quality of life" OR "life quality" OR "good life" OR "life satisfaction" OR "mental health"



resilienssi OR palautuminen OR toipuminen OR joustavuus OR sitkeys OR sinnikkyys OR lannistumattomuus OR vastustuskyky OR sietokyky OR kestävyys

resilience OR hardiness OR coping OR endurance OR adapt* OR adjust* OR flexibility OR recover* OR vulnerability OR sustainability OR toleran*

"Cognitive Reserve" OR "Emotional Stability" OR "Posttraumatic Growth" OR "Protective Factors" OR "Psychological Capital" OR "Strengths-Based Interventions"

stress OR disaster OR risk OR trauma* OR adversity

"risk assessment" OR "risk management"



"disabled children" OR "disabled people‎" OR "disabled person" OR "intellectual disability‎" OR "intellectual impairment" OR "developmental disability"‎ OR "developmental disorder‎" OR "mental deficiency" OR "mental retardation" OR "mentally retarded" OR "Mental Disease" OR "Mental Disorders" OR "cognitive defect" OR "Cognition Disorders" 

depression OR anxiety OR stress OR trauma