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kiertotalous OR jakamistalous OR "vihreä talous"~2 OR ekotehokkuus OR "kestävä kehitys"~2 OR kierrätys OR uudelleenkäyttö OR uusiokäyttö OR uudelleenvalmistus OR ympäristötalous OR sivuvirrat OR ympäristövastuu OR yhteiskuntavastuu

MIPS OR materiaalijalanjälki OR materiaalipanos


"kestävä kulutus"~2 OR "eettinen kulutus"~2 OR "kestävä elämäntapa"~2 OR "kestävä käyttö"~2 OR yhteiskäyttö OR yhteisomistus

"circular econom*" OR "circular business" OR "circular supply chain" OR circularity OR "green econom*" OR "social responsibility"

circular* OR recycl* OR remanufactur* OR reuse OR reusab* OR reusing OR repurpos* OR refurbish* OR sustainab* OR renewabl* OR upcycl* OR side-stream OR green*

bioeconom* OR "biobased econom*"

waste OR e-waste OR garbage OR refuse OR residue

material OR metal OR mineral OR component OR plastic

(sustainab* OR renewabl* OR alternativ* OR wind OR solar OR thermal* OR geothermal* OR ground-source) AND (power* OR energ* OR fuel* OR electric* OR heat*)

"Environmental economics" OR "Environmental Impact" OR "Environmental Protection"

"reverse logistic*"

"material input per"

"life cycle" OR lifecycle OR "cycle life"

"end of life" OR "second life"

"secondary use*"


ilmastonmuuto* OR ”ilmaston lämpeneminen” OR kasvihuoneilm* OR ilmastokriisi*

“climate change*” OR “global warming” OR “greenhouse effect” OR “climate crisis”


nature OR natural* OR environment* OR eco* OR outdoor OR greenspace OR "green space" OR park OR forest OR woodland

"Outdoor recreation" OR "Green exercise" OR "nature-based physical activity"

"connectedness to nature" OR "nature connectedness" OR "connection to nature" OR "nature connection" OR "connectedness with nature" OR "connection with nature" OR "connectivity with nature" OR "nature connectivity" OR "nature relatedness" OR "nature relation" OR "environmental consciousness" OR "environmental awareness" OR "ecological consciousness" OR "nature interactions" OR "nature relationships"

"nature relatedness" OR "nature connect*" OR "human-nature relation*" OR "human-nature interact*" OR "human-nature connect*" OR "connect* with nature" OR "connect* to nature" OR "nature connect*" OR "nature relation*" OR "nature literacy" OR "ecological consciousness" OR "environmental consciousness"

Scopus: (natur* OR ecolog* OR environment*) w/2 (connect* OR relate* OR relation* OR interact* OR conscious* OR literac*)

proenvironment* OR pro-environment*

ecopsycholog* OR "environmental psychology"


meteorolog* OR weather OR climate OR temperature OR precipitation OR snow

Rakennettu ympäristö

rakennus OR rakentaminen OR talonrakennus OR korjausrakentaminen OR talo OR asunto OR asuminen OR asuinrakennus OR arkkitehtuuri OR rakennussuunnittelu OR "rakennettu ympäristö"~2


"built environment" OR "residential environment" OR "residential area" OR "urban area" OR "urban planning" OR "urban development" OR "urban growth" OR "regional planning" OR "town planning" OR "city planning" OR "rural planning" OR "land use" OR infrastructur*

architectur* OR building* OR house OR housing OR "block of flats" OR reside* OR settlement* OR construction OR estate OR property OR apartment OR flat OR condominium* OR dwelling OR lodging OR home*

floorplan* OR "floor plan*" OR "architectural drawing"

inhabitant* OR resident* OR occupan* OR householder* OR "home owner*" OR homeowner* OR tenant* OR dweller* OR citizen*

"housing construction" OR "home building"


paikka OR alue OR tila OR ympäristö OR maisema OR kylä OR kaupunki OR kotiseutu OR synnyinseutu

place OR landscape OR environment OR region OR district OR areas OR cities OR towns OR urban OR rural

"home district" OR local OR community OR neighbo* OR "adjacent rural" OR "adjacent area" OR "adjacent region"