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Hakusanat | Search terms: Kieli


speech OR language OR communication OR fluency OR reading OR writing OR speaking OR articulation OR hearing OR audition OR voice OR acoustic* OR sound OR phonetic* OR vocabular* OR literacy OR pitch OR phonation OR auditory OR naming OR verbal

disabilit* OR disorder* OR impairment* OR disrupt* OR impediment* OR defect* OR problem* OR difficult* OR limited OR failur* OR error* OR struggle* OR derangement* OR deficiency OR malfuncti* OR disfuncti* OR dysfuncti* OR delay* OR unintelligible OR disturban* OR dysfluen*

misarticulation OR disarticulation OR dysarthria

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TITLE-ABS-KEY ( speech  OR  language  OR  communication  OR  fluency  OR  reading  OR  writing  OR  speaking )  W/5  TITLE-ABS-KEY ( disabilit*  OR  disorder*  OR  impairment*  OR  disrupt*  OR  impediment*  OR  defect*  OR  problem*  OR  difficult*  OR  limited  OR  failur*  OR  error*  OR  struggle*  OR  derangement*  OR  deficiency  OR  malfuncti*  OR  disfuncti*  OR  dysfuncti*  OR  delay* )

"speech recognition" OR "speech perception" OR "speech intelligibility" OR "speech enhancement"
"reaction time"
"language development" OR "language ability" OR "language processing"
"reading comprehension"
"voice quality"
"word dumbness"

attention OR awareness OR cognition OR learning OR perception OR memory OR recall OR comprehension

autis* OR aphasi*

dysphagia OR dysphonia OR stutter* OR stammer* OR aphemia OR apraxia OR Cluttering OR Dyslalia OR Rhinolalia OR Aprosodia OR Dysglossia

deaf* OR "hard of hearing" OR "hearing impairment" OR "hearing disorder" OR "partial hearing" OR "hearing disabled" OR "hearing loss" OR "cochlear implant" OR "hearing aid"

swallowing OR deglutition

"outcome assessment" OR "treatment effectiveness"



therap* OR treatment* OR rehabilit* OR patholog* OR pathofysiolog* OR intervention OR consultation OR monitoring OR sensing OR control OR care OR diagnosis

Kielen oppiminen

"language learning" OR "language learner" OR "L2 learner" OR "second language" OR "foreign language" OR "non-native language" OR "nonnative language" OR "language acquisition" OR "word acquisition" OR bilingual* OR multilingual* OR "language proficiency" OR "language development" OR "language ability" OR "vocabulary development" OR "reading comprehension" OR "language exposure"

literacy OR biliteracy

bilingual* OR multilingual* OR plurilingual* OR translanguaging OR interlanguage OR "language dominance" OR "dominant language" OR "heritage language"

"mother tongue" OR "first language" OR "native language" OR "native speaker" OR "language exposure" OR "child language" OR L1

"child language" OR babbling OR babble OR cooing

"baby talk" OR "infant-directed speech" OR "child-directed speech" OR parentese OR motherese