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Hakusanat | Search terms: Kieli



language OR linguistic*

communicat* OR interact* OR discours* OR conversat* OR discussi* OR dialogue* OR colloquial*

speech OR speaking OR spoken OR articulation OR voice OR vocal OR sound OR phonetic* OR pitch OR phonation OR resonance OR verbal OR fluency OR intonation OR phonolog* OR talk*

reading OR spelling OR writing OR written OR literacy OR literate

hearing OR listening OR audition OR auditory OR audio OR acoustic*

comprehension OR understanding

vocabular* OR naming OR lexic* OR terminolog* OR word OR morpholog*

sentence OR clause OR grammatical OR syntax* OR syntactic*

sematic* OR meaning

"kuolleet kielet" OR "uhanalaiset kielet" OR "kielen elvytys"

"dead language*" OR "language death" OR "endangered languages" OR "language endangerment" OR "language revitalisation" OR "language revitalization"


(kielellinen erityisvaikeus) OR dysfasia OR (kielen kehityksen erityisvaikeus) OR (kielenkehityksen erityisvaikeus) OR (kielelliset häiriöt) OR puhehäiriöt OR lukihäiriöt OR afasia OR artikulaatiohäiriöt OR änkytys OR äänihäiriöt OR kirjoitushäiriöt OR kirjoitusvaikeudet OR lukemishäiriöt OR lukemisvaikeudet OR lukivaikeudet OR lukuhäiriöt OR (luku- ja kirjoitushäiriöt) OR aleksia OR dysleksia OR ääntämisvirheet

logopedia OR puheterapia OR puheterapeutti OR puheopetus OR ääniharjoitukset OR puhetekniikka OR äänenhuolto OR äänenmuodostus OR ääniterapia

Kielelliset häiriöt: sanastoa

disabilit* OR disorder* OR impairment* OR disrupt* OR impediment* OR defect* OR problem* OR trouble OR complicat* OR difficult* OR limited OR failur* OR error* OR struggle* OR derangement* OR deficiency OR deficit OR malfuncti* OR disfuncti* OR dysfuncti* OR unintelligible OR disturban* OR dysfluen* OR disfluen* OR abnormal* OR inabilit* OR delay* OR late

"late talk*" OR "slow to talk" OR "speech delay*" OR "delay* speech" OR "language delay"

dyslexi* OR (reading AND (disabilit* OR disorder* OR impairment*))
dyslexi* OR (reading [läheisyysoperaattori] (disabilit* OR disorder* OR impairment* [jne.]))

stutter* OR stammer*


autis* OR aphasi*

deaf* OR "hard of hearing" OR "partial hearing" OR "hearing loss" OR "cochlear implant" OR "hearing aid"

"speech recognition" OR "speech perception" OR "speech intelligibility" OR "speech enhancement"
"reaction time"
"language development" OR "language ability" OR "language processing"
"voice quality"
"word dumbness"

acquired OR developmental

attention OR awareness OR cognition OR learning OR perception OR memory OR recall OR comprehension

swallowing OR deglutition OR feeding OR dysphagia

augmentative OR alternative OR supplement* OR replace*

Scopus-tietokannan Advanced document search -läheisyysoperaatioesimerkki:

TITLE-ABS-KEY ( speech  OR  language  OR  communication  OR  fluency  OR  reading  OR  writing  OR  speaking )  W/5  TITLE-ABS-KEY ( disabilit*  OR  disorder*  OR  impairment*  OR  disrupt*  OR  impediment*  OR  defect*  OR  problem*  OR  difficult*  OR  limited  OR  failur*  OR  error*  OR  struggle*  OR  derangement*  OR  deficiency  OR  malfuncti*  OR  disfuncti*  OR  dysfuncti*  OR  delay* )

Kielen oppiminen, lapsenkieli

ensikiel* OR äidinkiel*

(toinen kieli) OR (vieras kieli) OR kaksikieli* OR monikieli* OR kielenomaksu* OR (kielen omaksuminen) OR kielenoppi* OR (kielen oppi*) OR (kielelli* kehit*) OR (puhe* kehit*)

kielitai* OR kirjoitustai* OR tekstitai* OR (luetun ymmärtäminen) OR tekstinymmärtämi* OR lukutaito

lapsenkiel* OR lastenkiel* OR jokelt*

hoivapuhe* OR hoivakiel*

"language learning" OR "language learner" OR "L2 learner" OR "second language" OR "foreign language" OR "non-native language" OR "nonnative language" OR "language acquisition" OR "word acquisition" OR bilingual* OR multilingual* OR "language proficiency" OR "language development" OR "language ability" OR "vocabulary development" OR "reading comprehension" OR "language exposure"

literacy OR literate OR biliteracy OR biliterate

bilingual* OR multilingual* OR plurilingual* OR translanguaging OR interlanguage OR "language dominance" OR "dominant language" OR "heritage language"

"mother tongue" OR "first language" OR "native language" OR "native speaker" OR "language exposure" OR "child language" OR L1

"child language" OR babbling OR babble OR cooing

"baby talk" OR "infant-directed speech" OR "child-directed speech" OR parentese OR motherese

Vuorovaikutus, kerronta, puhekieli, murteet

murre OR dialektologia OR kansankiel* OR kansandialektologi* OR slangi

puhekiel* OR arkikiel* OR (puhut* kiel*)

"spoken language" OR "oral language" OR "vocal language" OR colloquial* OR "speech communi*"

dialect OR dialectal OR dialectolog* OR subdialect OR "areal linguistics" OR "areal features" OR isogloss*

vuorovaikut* OR interakti* OR kommunik* OR dialogi* OR kanssakäy* OR keskustel* OR diskurs* OR viestin* OR kielenkäyt* OR puhe*

kerron* OR narra* OR tarin* OR kertom*

communicat* OR interact* OR discours* OR discursive OR conversat* OR discuss* OR dialogue* OR colloquial* OR talk* OR turn-taking OR turntaking

"small talk*" OR "phatic expression" OR "phatic communication" OR "phatic language" OR greetings OR farewell

face-to-face OR person-to-person OR "in person" OR "word of mouth" OR synchronous

non-verbal* OR nonverbal* OR nonlinguistic* OR "eye movement*" OR "eye contact" OR "facial expression" OR gesture OR posture OR "body language" OR "body movement" OR kinesic* OR silence OR laugh* OR haptic* OR touch* OR nodding OR proxemic* OR "personal space" OR "spatial behavior"

backchannel* OR response OR listener




translat* OR subtitl* OR dubbing OR respeaking OR surtitl*


retranslat* OR resubtitl* OR retitl*

audio-visual* OR audiovisual* OR televisio* OR video* OR film OR movie OR cinema OR "motion pictures" OR "dramatic arts"