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Database quick guides: RIBA

Quick references of the most central databases in the University of Oulu

RIBA Cataloque




Finding variations of a word



Truncation and wildcards

? replaces one symbol
$ replaces 0...n symbols

finds computer, computing



Singular form does not find the plural form.



Phrase in quotation marks

Truncation cannot be used. The exact character string is searched, and therefore singular form does not find the plural form.

'information systems'


Boolean operators


Proximity operator NEAR searches the words in any order.


tax NEAR5 reform finds, for example, tax reform and reform of income tax.

Limiting the search to journal articles

If the search is not limited, the database will search from all RIBA Library collections: drawings, books, photographs etc. (Not in electronic form.)

The search must be limited to articles by choosing
Collections: Articles




Below is an example of a record. It is a single record with almost all articles from the journal. Therefore, search such as saunalahti and Verstas will not necessarily only find Saunalahti School designed by Verstas. The search result will also include records that are about some building in Saunalahti designed by Verstas.