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Quick references of the most central databases in the University of Oulu

These are the guides for the most central databases in the University of Oulu from which you can check the database-specific instructions.

The basic principles of the information retrieval is presented in the guide Finding scientific information.

New Ebsco user interface guide:

Finding Information

The topic being searched is divided into sections which are described with search terms. Common search terms are the central concepts of the problem, synonyms and foreign language equivalents for the concepts, and related, broader and narrower terms.

  1. Truncation of the search terms allows the programme to include conjugated forms of the word. Truncation symbol in foreign databases and in Oula-Finna is asterisk (*).
  2. The phrases (adjacent words) are normally written using quotation marks.
  3. Boolean operator OR looks for the references which contain either search term A or B or both of them. The operator OR is used, for example, when connecting synonyms and combining broader and narrower terms.
  4. Boolean operator AND looks for the references which contain both search terms A and B. The AND operator is used when, for example, you want to combine two subject areas.

    ("non-verbal communication" OR gesture*)
    (emotion* OR feeling*)

Link resolver (Linkityspalvelu)
Link resolver provides seamless access to electronic full-text content across all databases; for example External Link Iconor Check Oula-Finna for availability (opens in a new window) or Libkey link or BrowZine link.

Link delivers one-click access to full-text (PDF); for example in International e-material search in Oula-Finna.

BrowZine allows you to browse and search e-journals acquired by Oulu University Library. 

Once you've selected a subject area you can choose to sort journals by title or by their Scimago Journal Rank (SJR). SJR is an open access service that includes indicators developed based on data in the Scopus database for evaluating journals and countries. 

You can open the article as a PDF, and export citation to Mendeley in Export Citation.

Links to BrowZine  appear for example in International e-material search results in Oula-Finna as well as in other databases like Ebsco.

The BrowZine Account feature is not subscribed to Oulu University.

LibKey Nomad 
Browser extension gives you fast, one-click access to scholarly articles provided by University of Oulu.

In databases there is

  • Download PDF or a link to database where the full-text is
  • BrowZine link where you may bworse and search journals.
    For example in Scopus database:
Go from DOI or PMID to article in one-click.

  • DOI (digital object identifer) is a unique, persistent identifying number for a document published online. 
  • PMID is unique identifier number used in PubMed.

Using e-resources / University of Oulu

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FinELib user rights  Electronic resources marked with green f letter are subscribed with FinELib consortium: 

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