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Database quick guides: ADS Astrophysics Data System

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ADS Astrophysics Data System


SAO/NASA ADS Abstract Service   EXAMPLES

Finding variations of a word



Searches singular, plural, conjugation, and inflection forms automatically.

Text written in capitals is searched as abbreviations.

Equation mark (=) in front of a word -> Only the written form is searched.


In ADS Classic, synonym replacement can also be turned off from Settings.  



acceleration finds accleration, accelerate, accelerated




Truncation and wildcards

* 0–n characters, cannot be used in the middle of a word

? replaces one character


Phrase in quotation marks

For example, also “phrasal.verbs” or “phrasal_verbs” are functional forms.

These will search only two-word phrases; if there are more words, they will be combined and searched in two-word sets.

No truncation inside phrases!

"galactic rotation"


"nuclear magnetic resonance"




 AND (+), OR, NOT (-)

Without phrase symbols, operator AND is put between two words as a default option.


(redshift or survey) and not galaxy

+contact +binaries -eclipsing


The search field can be chosen from above the search box or by writing it in the search field. There is also a full text search.

In ADS Classic Search different search fields have their own search boxes. Options, such as the different ways to stress and sort the search results, are at the bottom of the search page.

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