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Database quick guides: Oula-Finna

Quick references of the most central databases in the University of Oulu


Database quick guide: Oula-Finna and Arto


Truncation and wildcard

- can not be used as the first character in a search term

*  replaces 0…n characters

Without truncation finds

- words similar to the searched Finnish word

- English s-ending forms

> child, children's childhood

> päiväkoti, päiväkodin, vuorohoitopäiväkodissa, päiväkirjani ... kotimaassa

> emotion, emotions

? replaces a single character wom?n
> woman, women

Double quotation marks = exact phrase

- the singular form of a word does not retrieve the plural or other forms in phrases

- no truncation 

- suitable for searching for known publication

"computational thinking"

"positiivinen pedagogiikka"
does not retrieve the form 'positiivisen pedagogiikan' etc.

"computer* progra*" 

"International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders"


Search terms are automatically combined using AND.

Operators must be in capital letters.

health nutrition child*

"participatory design" OR "cooperative design" OR "co-operative design"


It's possible to use boolean search strings with operators and parentheses in basic search (NB: search terms / phrases are automatically combined using AND).


("participatory design" OR "cooperative design" OR "co-operative design") ("user interface" OR "user interfaces")

(monikulttuuri* OR maahanmuut*) AND (päiväko* OR varhaiskasvat*)

((social media) OR instagram OR facebook) AND (brand OR marketing)

Finna utilises the Voikko language tool which returns the words of the Finnish language to their basic form and chops compounds.

More info: Oula-Finna


Books, journals, databases etc.: the library’s books, journals, databases and thesis.

E-materials: International e-materials search; peer reviewed articles either as references or as full texts.

National Repository Library: in Kuopio; free of charge book and article requests.

Finnish articles: The Arto reference database contains mainly Finnish scientific articles. Finnish Scholarly Journals Online.