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Database quick guides: Ellibs

Quick references of the most central databases in the University of Oulu

Information: Ellibs

Database quick guide: Ellibs

Finding variations of a word

Wildcard characters are not in use. 

Automatic truncation in some cases.

> oppiva, oppimista, ympäristöoppi

> inclusion

> inclusive

Phrases Quotation marks are not in use. "early childhood"
Operators not in use

AND is the default and only operation. And it's performed without the operator.

yritys tilinpäätös

> yritystutkimuksen tilinpäätösanalyysi jne.


Ebooks: Ellibs

Read EPUB formats in your browser

1. Log in to the Ellibs collection with your University of Oulu account (HAKA Login).
2. Choose a loan time.
3. Tap the "Read online" button, and begin reading.

 You can only read e-books in EPUB format in web browser. E-books in PDF format need to be downloaded to the reader software.

Download to Ellibs app

1. Download the Ellibs app to your device.
2. Log in to the collection of your own library with your University of Oulu account (HAKA Login).
3. Borrow e-book by tapping on the 'Borrow' button. 
4. Choose a loan time. 
The e-book will automatically appear in the reader screen when it is borrowed. The e-book can be accessed later on the 'My Bookshelf' screen.

Download to your computer

1. Get an Adobe account (Adobe ID).
2. Install the Adobe Digital Editions reader program and authorize it with your Adobe ID.
4. Log in to the Ellibs collection with your University of Oulu account (HAKA Login).
5. Choose a loan time.
6. Tap the "Download" button and open the file in the Adobe Digital Editions reader program.