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Database quick guides: IEEE Xplore

Quick references of the most central databases in the University of Oulu

IEEE Xplore (IEEE/IEE Electronic Library) - database guide

Wildcard characters

* replaces multiple characters anywhere in a word

Stemming, plurals    

The singular form of a word finds also the plural form.

Basic form of a verb finds also common verb forms: -ed, -es, ja -ing. British and American spellings are searched automatically.

foot retrieves foot ja feet

circuit retrieves circuit, circuits, circuited, circuiting

fiber retrieves fiber, fibre


Phrase in quotation marks 

- the singular form of a word does not retrieve the plural form

- it's possible to use wildcard *

“surface acoustic wave filter” 

Phrase using a proximity operator:

- stemming is in use
- wildcards cannot be used

 NEAR/0 (capital letters) words in any order
ONEAR/0 (capital letters) words in the given order

resistance ONEAR/0 amplifier

Search operators    

Boolean operators (capital letters)

AND, OR, NOT    
heart AND rate
heart rate retrieves heart AND rate

Proximity operators (capital letters)

- only in Command Search
- stemming is in use
- wildcards cannot be used

NEAR/n : words in any order, n ≥ 0

ONEAR/n : words in the given order, n ≥ 0

signal NEAR/1 isolation


the default order of operator precedence is:

  2. NOT
  3. AND
  4. OR

Use Command Search for multiple operations.

Using IEEE Electronic Library (IEL)

IEEE Xplore Youtube channel