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Database quick guides: SciFinder-n

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SciFinder-n quick guide

Conducting a reference search by research topic INSTRUCTIONS EXAMPLES

Using wildcard characters






The singular form of a word finds also the plural, alternative spellings and some synonyms

*  replaces 0…n characters

?  replaces 0 or 1 characters 

Wildcard characters can be used within a term or at the end of a term, but not at the beginning.

A search query cannot contain more than 5 wildcard terms. 




will match terms such as: adsorption, adsorbent, adsorber



Enclosing terms within quotation marks creates a bound phrase

 - Wildcards cannot be used.

 - Plurals are matched, but quotes exclude alternative spellings and synonyms.


“palindromic sequence”


Boolen operaattorit AND, OR, NOT​


By default, multiple search terms without operators are joined by OR.

The AND operator is implied when searching for two phrases within quotes.



​AND operation is executed before OR operation. 

Use parentheses to override operator precedence. The expression inside the parentheses is executed first.

turmeric immune cells

= turmeric OR immune OR cells 

vrt. "turmeric immune cells"


"pain treatment" "headache disorders" 

= "pain treatment" AND "headache disorders"


(aroma OR flavor) AND (turmeric OR curcumin)

Other search types


Search for substances by substance identifier (CAS Registry Number or chemical name), molecular formulas, substance property or by drawing chemical structures. 

Biosequence searching BLAST, CDR and Motif search type. 




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