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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Cover, title page and abstract

Cover, title page and abstract

The covers, title page and abstract are laid out at the editorial office of the series. The layout of the cover can be made only after the author have send the Publishing agreement as an email attachment to the Chief Academic Officer and then to the editorial office. The date, time and place of the public defence of the dissertation have been confirmed. Before the layout of the cover the author must also send to the editorial office the final manuscript with the Finnish and English abstracts which have undergone a language review. An abstract in another language may also be included in the manuscript.

The maximum length of the abstract body text is 2400 characters (including punctuation, spaces etc.). The use of rare terms, abbreviations and symbols must be avoided.

The Finnish and English abstracts must include the following information in the language in question:

  1. main title of the publication and possible subtitle. Since the space reserved for the title on the cover is limited, the title must be as short as possible. It is advisable to use an explanatory subtitle, which is printed using a smaller type size.
  2. first name and surname of the author or authors
  3. name and address of the graduate school and the Faculty at which the dissertation has been done
  4. possible other significant cooperation partners to appear on the cover and their addresses
  5. keywords.

The editorial office will send a PDF file of the final draft of the cover to the author for review. After the author has reviewed the draft, it is sent to the series editor for approval and further to Juvenes Print for printing.

In addition to the abstracts the author must also submit to University a summary of the dissertation for the press release.