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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Printing at PunaMusta Oy

Printing at PunaMusta Oy

The manuscripts accepted to the Acta series are printed at PunaMusta. The author must submit her contact information to PunaMusta and arrange a printing schedule after the appointment with the series editor, when the possible corrections have been made and the publication has been approved. 

The printing house is allowed to print the publication only after receiving the signed publishing agreement from the series editor and the author’s permission. The printing house receives all the required files directly from the editorial office. Sufficient time must be set aside for the printing stage, i.e. at least eight working days. The dissertation must be printed and on public display seven days before the public defence.

If the author wants to include colour pages in the publication, this must also be arranged directly with PunaMusta. In addition to the free distribution copies, authors often order additional copies at their own expense. If another party pays for the additional copies, the author must submit the payer’s invoicing details together with the reference number to the person responsible for invoicing at PunaMusta in good time.

Before starting the printing process, PunaMusta prepare a proof of the dissertation and send it to the author for approval by email. Only clear typographical errors can be corrected in the proof. The proof is not intended for the purpose of proofreading or checking the quality of the images. You have already earlier proofread your dissertation and prepared the images as specified in the instructions, and you and the series editor have approved the work for printing. 

Keeping the duration of the printing process within the eight-day limit requires that the proofs are sent electronically. To ensure that the timetable of the printing process is kept to, you must approve the proof within 24 hours. If you wish to have a printed proof, you must make a separate agreement on this with the printing house. This will lengthen the printing process. It is not possible to have corrections made directly at PunaMusta. The doctoral candidate must first have the corrections approved by the series editor, meaning that the process will always start from the beginning and will take more time. PunaMusta will also charge the doctoral candidate for the time spent on the additional work. 

The printing house notes in the publishing agreement that the author has approved the book for printing, after which the final version is printed.


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