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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Original publications and permissions

Original publications and permissions

Original publications

Send all previously published publications as PDF files to acta.toimitus(at) before the preliminary review (see also ICT Services’ instructions for sending large files). If you do not have a PDF file of an article, scan it yourself or send the paper version of the article to the printing house PunaMusta for scanning. They will charge for the scanning according to their price list.

Possible unpublished articles to be included in the dissertation can be laid out using the Acta series template, which incorporates e.g. the correct page settings. Send the articles to the editorial office as Microsoft Word files, where they are scaled down to paper size B5. You can also have the layout done at PunaMusta for a charge.


Submitting permissions for the original publications

Name the permissions and files containing the original publications as follows: Original_publication_1, Permission_for_original_publication_1; Original_publication_2, Permission_for_original_publication_2 etc.

Name possible images, tables etc. according to their numbering in the dissertation: e.g. Permission_for_table_1.

Send all permissions and the related original articles to acta.toimitus(at) at the same time. Enter in the subject field of the message: Permissions_for_approval_series_X_Firstname_Lastname. Replace X with the abbreviation of the Acta subseries in which your dissertation is published. Please inform us, if you have used LaTeX format in the summary part of your dissertation. The editorial office forwards the material to the series editor, who will reply to you after verifying the permissions.

See the publishing process of Acta series.


Obtaining permissions for the original publications

Ensure in good time that you have the obtained from the publishers the permissions required for republishing the original publications in the printed dissertation. It is advisable to obtain the permissions immediately after the original articles are published.

According to the instructions of the University of Oulu Graduate School doctoral candidates are required to obtain permissions from the publishers for the original publications and possible separate images and tables already before submitting their dissertation for preliminary review, see page 2 of the instructions

If you publish your dissertation in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis, you may send all the required permissions (for original publications, images etc.) and the original publications themselves to the editorial office for review by the series editor at the same time already before the preliminary review. Please remember that you need permissions for both the electronically published summary part and the printed book that includes all the original publications.

Remember to check whether a permission to republish the original article in your dissertation is already included in your publishing agreement with the publisher, or whether such permission can be found on the publisher’s website, or whether the publisher provides a Rightslink service on its website, which can be used to obtain permissions to republish articles. Permissions printed out from the Rightslink online service are sufficient.

A separate permission is not required if the original publication has been published under a Creative Commons license that allows republishing. Sometimes this license is missing, even though the publication has been published open access. In this case submit to the editorial office a link to the journal website, where right of use can be verified (or e.g. a screen capture of the page).

If you must submit to the publisher a separate permission request, you can use the templates for request for permission to publish. Permissions granted by e-mail are acceptable. At the same time you are also advised to request permissions to publish the images, tables etc. included in the article in the summary of the dissertation. 

Request permissions also for original articles that are either in press or accepted for publication. 


Permissions for images and tables

Send to the editorial office a PDF file containing a list of the author’s own images and tables that are published for the first time in the dissertation. All other images and tables must be accompanied by a copyright notice, as specified in the instructions. When compiling the list the author should check that the captions include the correct copyright notices. Images and tables published in the author’s own open access publications (e.g. with a Creative Commons license), as well as edited images also require a similar notice, and their source must always be specified.


Sales permissions

If you wish that your dissertation that includes previously published articles is sold, you must obtain separate permissions from the publishers for the sale of all material subject to permission. When requesting the permissions you are advised to state in the request that a maximum of 30 copies of the dissertation that includes the previously published articles will be sold and that the articles will not be included in the online version of the publication. Templates for requesting permission to republish/sell


Permissions for other publications than doctoral theses

The series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis publishes other publications besides doctoral theses. Permissions for the use of material subject to permission included in these publications must also be submitted to the editorial office.

The editor of a compiled work such as a collection of articles is responsible for obtaining permissions to publish the articles from all the authors. The editor must also have written permissions from the other authors for the sale of the compiled work. The permissions do not have to be submitted to the editorial office of the series.