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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Original publications and permissions

Original publications and permissions

Original publications

The author sends all previously published articles as PDF files to the address (see also FileSender - sending of large files). If the doctoral candidate does not have a PDF file of a previously published article, he must either scan it himself or send the paper version of the article to Juvenes Print for scanning. Juvenes Print will charge for the scanning according to their price list.

Possible unpublished articles to be included in the dissertation must be either be laid out at Juvenes Print or the author can do the layout him/herself using the series template and send the articles as Microsoft Word files to Publications Services. The previously published articles are scaled down to paper size B5.


The doctoral candidate must obtain written permission to republish the original articles from the publishers in good time before the start of the publication process. Permission is also required for articles that are in press or accepted for publication. With the same request for permission to publish the author can also request for permission to publish the images, tables etc. included in the article in the summary of the dissertation. The author is also advised to check whether the publisher provides a RightsLink service on its website, which can be used to obtain permissions to republish articles. Templates for requesting permission to republish/sell

If the author wants that the dissertation is sold, he/she must also obtain permissions from the publishers of the original articles for the sale of the print version of the dissertation. The author should bear in mind that obtaining a permission for the sale of the publication can be a time-consuming and complicated process. The request for permission to publish states that a maximum of 30 copies of the dissertation that includes the previously published articles shall be sold (at a price that covers the publishing expenses) and that the articles shall not be included in the online version of the publication. Templates for requesting permission to republish/sell

The publication permissions are submitted together with the other material to the address . Permissions granted by e-mail are acceptable, as are permissions printed out from the RightsLink online service.

The editor of a compiled work such as a collection of articles is responsible for obtaining permissions to publish the articles from all the authors. The editor must also have written permissions from the other authors for the sale of the compiled work. The permissions do not have to be submitted to the editorial office of the series.

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