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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Division of expenses

Division of expenses

Obligatory free distribution copies

For dissertations published in the Acta series the University of Oulu underwrites the cost of the 15 obligatory free distribution copies and 15 copies for the author’s use, in total 30 copies. PunaMusta will use three of the author’s copies to make folder copies for the public defence, the cost of which will be underwritten by the University.


Additional copies

The doctoral candidate underwrites the cost of all additional copies, as well as possible colour pages and the cost of layout. For other publications than dissertations the author underwrites the cost of 12 free distribution copies.

The price of additional copies is determined by the number of pages of the publication. A preliminary price can be calculated with the price calculator . For more detailed information about additional copies and the price of layout please contact PunaMusta. If for example the department that the author represents participates in the cost of additional copies, the person responsible for invoicing at PunaMusta must be informed in good time.