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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: - Tables


All tables must follow the table formats presented in the Acta instructions. Tables are created using the Word table editor. Select DesignTable Styles Table Acta. Select the correct styles for the table cells. Column 1 is always justified to the left and the only possible styles for it are Table Left, Table Left Indent and Table Left Indent 2. For other columns table styles from the template may also be used: Table Center and Table Right. A table must always have at least two columns and every column must have a title. The width of portrait tables is always 122 mm and the width of landscape tables is always 183 mm.

Use the following styles for table headings: Heading 5 for table headings in publications in English and Heading 7 for table headings in publications in Finnish.

 Examples of the tables. (Word 2016)