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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Publishing agreement

Publishing agreement

The author fills in the required fields using the language of the dissertation, and saves the form as a PDF file with the name: PUBLISHINGAGREEMENT_Surname_Firstname.pdf . Fill in the form using Adobe Reader.

Please note that even if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, PDF files may still open in the operating system’s built-in PDF reader application, which does not allow editing the form. If this is the case, download the form on your computer and open it in Adobe Reader.

The author sends the form as an email attachment to the Chief Academic Officer of his/her faculty for confirmation. Contact information for Faculty Study Affairs .

The Chief Academic Officer checks the information in the form, fills in the date on which the doctoral training committee has granted the permission to defend the dissertation, and confirms the form by his/her name. The Chief Academic Officer sends the confirmed form as an email attachment both to the author and to the Acta series editorial office: acta.toimitus(at)

The author prints two (2) copies of the publishing agreement, signs them and either brings the original agreements or sends them by mail to the Acta series editorial office. At the Acta series editorial office, the remaining fields in the two copies of the publishing agreement are filled in. The publishing process can be initiated only after the editorial office has received from the author both the original publishing agreement (two copies) and all other material needed for the dissertation. The editorial office sends the publishing agreement (two copies) to the representative of the Publications Committee of the University of Oulu to be signed, along with all the other material.

By signing the publishing agreement the author assumes full responsibility for the originality of the material included in the work. The series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis requires that the author acquires permission to republish figures, tables and other material not subject to quotation right (i.e. short direct text quotations). Quotations must be accompanied by information about the permissions (e.g. in captions). In the publishing agreement the author agrees to the fact that should he/she wish to publish the manuscript or parts of it elsewhere at a later date, permission from the Publications Committee of the University of Oulu is required.

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