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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Regulations of the Publications Committee

Regulations of the Publications Committee

Regulations of the Publications Committee of the University of Oulu


1 §

The task of the Publications Committee is to enhance scientific publication activities at the University, and to have an editorial function for Acta Universitatis Ouluensis and the Teaching Materials Series of the University of Oulu.

The Publications Committee makes proposals for developing opportunities for publication, and improves editorial conformity of the publication series at the University.


2 §

The University Senate appoints the members of the Publications Committee for a three year period of office. The Committee consists of one representative from each Faculty, from the Library and from the University administration Services. Each member has a personal deputy. The Senate appoints one member of the Publications Committee as the Chair. The committee appoints a Vice-Chair from amongst themselves.


3 §

The publications editor of the University acts as secretary to the Publications Committee. The publications editor also works as the sub-editor of the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis and University of Oulu Study Materials Series.


4 §

Acta Universitas Ouluensis is divided into the following sub-series:

Series A. Scientiae Rerum Naturalium
Series B. Humaniora
Series C. Technica
Series D. Medica
Series E. Scientiae Rerum Socialium
Series F. Scripta Academica
Series G. Oeconomica
Series H. Architectonica

The Publications Committee may establish new sub-series if there is a need. The language of a publication can be Finnish, Swedish, Saami, English, German, French or some other language approved by the Publications Committee. The publication must have an English language abstract.


5 §

Those wishing to publish research in one of the scientific publication series mentioned in § 4, should provide the Publications Committee with statements from two referees, whereupon the Publications Committee makes ts decision on accepting the article for publication in a particular series. The language of the article has to be proofread and testimony thereto must be given to the Publications Committee.


6 §

The Publications Committee oversees the publishing process of the series mentioned in § 4. The Publications Committee makes the decision about the number of free copies to be given to the doctoral candidate, other greed on distribution copies and the number of copies to be given to the library for distribution and exchange.


7 §

The Publications Committee presents an annual report to the University Senate and its budget to the University Administration Services.