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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Publishing process

Publishing process

*) The publishing process will start after the doctoral training committee has granted the author printing permission and the author has sent to the editorial office no later than five weeks before the public defence:

  1. a filled-in publishing agreement confirmed by the lead specialist. The editorial office will later add to the form a serial number and ISBN identifiers
  2. the proofread final manuscript which has undergone a language review and which complies with the requirements of the series as a Microsoft Word file / PDF file (LaTex users). The manuscript must include abstracts that have undergone a language review in Finnish and English (LaTex users must submit these as separate MS Word files)
  3. possible previously published articles as PDF files and unpublished articles as MS Word files, laid out for example in accordance with the Acta template
  4. permissions from the publishers of the previously published articles and other permissions required for republishing
  5. a PDF file containing a list of the author’s own images and tables that are published for the first time in the dissertation. All other images and tables must be accompanied by a reference to the source and a copyright notice, as specified in the instructions.
    See additional instructions of the permissions Original publications and permissions and Copyright guidelines


Publications Services

  • carry out measures related to layout
  • prepare the covers and have them reviewed by the doctoral candidate
  • add a serial number and an ISBN identifier and upload the file to the electronic signing service for electronic signing by the doctoral candidate and the series editor.
  • make the corrections and send the PDF file to the doctoral candidate, and send other material to the series editor


Series editor

  • the doctoral candidate makes an appointment with the series editor
  • the series editor reviews the agreements, permissions etc. and notifies the doctoral candidate of any possible corrections suggested to the summary. The doctoral candidate asks the editorial office to submit the manuscript to him/her as a Word file, makes the revisions approved by the series editor to the manuscript and sends the file back to the editorial office.
  • after having accepted the finalized manuscript the series editor signs the publishing agreement and submits it to the printing house
  • Publications Services send the material to the printing house.

 The review by the series editor will take 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of corrections to be made.


Printing house

  • the doctoral candidate contacts the printing house and gives permission to start the printing process
  • the printing house mails the draft to the doctoral candidate
  • the doctoral candidate asks the editorial office to submit the original manuscript to him/her and makes the revisions approved by the series editor
  • the publication is printed
  • the dissertations are mailed to the porters' desk in the Linnanmaa campus central lobby.


Public display period

  • The printed dissertation must be displayed in public 7 days before the public defence.


The obligatory distribution points

  • The porters will send an e-mail notification to the author when the publications have arrived in the Linnanmaa campus central lobby. The author collects his own copies. The porters are responsible for distribution. Further information about distribution

A summary of the dissertation for the press release

The author must also submit to University a summary of the dissertation for the press release.  Instructions