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Instructions for publishing in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis: Document templates

Documen templates: Microsoft Word 2016

A pre-filled document template for manuscripts to be published in the series Acta Universitatis Ouluensis is available for Microsoft Office Word 2016. The template must be used when writing manuscripts intended for publication in the series.

The instructions are for Microsoft Office Word 2016, the use of which is recommended. It is advisable to use the template from the beginning and that the whole text is written with the same version of Word.

After you have opened the pre-filled document template save it under your own name in the form Surname_Forename.docx. Read first the instructions for use in chapter 1 Introduction (p. 17) of the template.

Microsoft Word 2016

If the Acta styles do not function correctly, you can reimport the original template into the pre-filled template:

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Documen templates: LaTeX

Instructions for the use of the LaTeX document preparation system

LaTeX style files:

The document ActaOuluReadMe.pdf explains how to use style files. It also provides further instructions on the use of LaTeX to prepare your dissertation (figures, tables, references etc.):

See also the Instructions for the pre-filled document template for how to use figures, tables and references.

The ActaOuluReadme.pdf is based on the ActaOuluExample.tex file. It provides a template for the LaTeX version of your dissertation and includes all the parts required for a dissertation as examples:

To convert the ActaOuluExample.tex file into LaTeX format and to get a complete template you will also need the following files:

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